View Full Version : Question about materials inside of cages.

08-11-07, 05:59 pm
I have just recently purchased my Piggie, Squishy, and am in the process of building his cage. I am adding a second level for a hay loft and feeding area. I am making the ramp out of Coroplast, but I need something to put on the ramp floor so it's not so slick. I have thought about cutting lines of coroplast and putting them every few inches. I have thought about using material. My latest thought is to use the foam interlocking mats cut to size and glued down, any opinions. Bad idea?

Thanks for any information

08-11-07, 06:19 pm
Use the rubberized shelf liners for kitchens or a piece of toweling.

08-11-07, 06:44 pm
Rubber bath mats work well.