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08-08-07, 07:31 pm
I've been thinking a bit lately about adopting a rabbit. I haven't done too much research yet. I'm planning on scouring rabbit.org for info on their care, diet, etc. I do have a question though: I'd like the rabbit to be free range in my house, and I have a dog. Do you think this will work? Is it too unsafe to leave the rabbit out with a dog there if I am gone?

Does anyone have dogs and rabbits that all get along? Thanks!

08-09-07, 01:59 am
Rabbits are natural prey to dogs. It would not be safe to leave a rabbit and dog alone. I have rabbits and dogs. My dogs are always interested in the rabbits. My one dog bit my rabbits ear off when she got out of her cage when I was not home.
Rabbits are wonderful loving pets but must be kept safe from dogs.

08-09-07, 03:37 am
I have one rabbit that I adopted and have two dogs back at my parents house. I come to my parents house pretty frequently and I usually bring my rabbit with me since he has gotten so attached to me and I feel to bad leaving him for one night. He gets along great with my 2 dogs. I have two cockapoos and at first my rabbit was scared when meeting the dogs but I held my rabbit the whole time until he felt comfortable to leave my arms and hop around with the dogs being there. The dogs love him and he has even done his happy dance around them. My dogs have never bitten anyone and are extremely tame dogs but anytime he is in the same room as the dogs we like to monitor just incase something DID happen.

The rabbit has been a great experience, he is very clean and is quite the companion! He reminds me of a dog without the barking. He even sleeps in bed with me! But not all rabbits are like that, each one has their own personality. Some may do well being around dogs and some may not. Either way I think it is best to keep the dogs away from the rabbit if there is no supervision because things can happen and even if your dog doesn't mean too, they could really hurt the rabbit by simply playing too roughly.

08-09-07, 06:33 am
OK, thanks for the responses!

08-09-07, 07:11 pm
About the dogs, I've had rabbits and dogs for about 7 years. My dogs are basset hounds, bred to track small game. I haven't had any trouble with them. In fact, I've had rabbits push my dogs around.

But saying that, I don't leave my dogs and rabbits unattended. Not that my dogs would intentionally hurt them, but I still supervise.

Some other good rabbit resources are the book House Rabbit Handbook 4th edition, and the book Why Would my Rabbit . . .?

Bookmark this site, Rabbit References - Health and Medicine (http://homepage.mac.com/mattocks/morfz/rabrefs.html)

It has health and behavioral links

08-09-07, 09:34 pm
Thank you chesire, I'm going to check those sites out.