View Full Version : catogorizing cage pics by size

10-28-04, 08:43 pm
I don't know how busy you are at cavycages, but i would be nice if the cages could be catorgorized by either how much was spent on the actual cage, or if cages could be catorgorized by how many cubes they use. or by their size.

10-28-04, 10:04 pm
Well, each person would have to figure that out upon posting. You can pretty much tell that by looking at the photo. It's a trade-off on asking people too much information which can discourage them from uploading photos in the first place. I thought about size, but sometimes, it's not so easy to categorize.

To create a new category, would require more places for people to search. Not sure about that. May be helpful for some people, but discouraging to others.