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08-04-07, 01:38 pm
What would be a suggested alternative to Chloroplast, i've found none in my local area, but i'm going to continue to shop. Although, I'm also not interested in spending a deal of money on some but it wouldnt bother me to do so.

Currently, I have some Cubes, well 2 boxes of (6) cubes sitting in my room right now, ready for construction.

I'm just waiting on the liner such as chloroplast or something cheaper and do-able.

08-04-07, 10:07 pm
It's not something I've tried myself so I have no personal experience of using it but the Cavy Cages website seems to recommend linoleum as an alternative. There are some photos here: Cavy Cages - Linoleum Base (http://imageevent.com/cavyspirit/cavycageslinoleumbase) . Hope that helps :)

08-06-07, 10:37 am
Yes, That was what I was going to do since I cant seem to find any stores that sell Chloroplast.. I was at lowes getting some tubing and cooling stone, and zip ties when i saw the linoleum flooring, I picked up a square foot of it and i just thought maybe they would chew it up.. but i guess if it seems to work.

My question is, if you have a piggy that is still a pup and is teething, will the linoleum be harmful to him?

08-06-07, 10:59 am
Piggy pups don't teethe. They are born with their teeth already fully grown in. Make sure that it has unlimited timothy hay and is supplemented with alfalfa hay if it is less than 6 months old.

Chances are that your piggy won't be interested in chewing the linoleum once you have the bedding in but if it does, make sure it has some alternatives like paper towel tubes, shoe or soda boxes or some apple twigs.

Good luck and be sure to post pics. We always love seeing pictures. You can put your cage pictures in the gallery but your piggy pictures need to be put in something like photobucket and then can be inserted directly into your message or added as an attachment.

08-06-07, 07:37 pm

Yes i have some lightweight cardboard from soda box in there that i've made for him to crawl through and he chews on the ends. Also, I'm going to use Linoleum and some Fleece for the flooring.

I got big bag of timothy Hay but I'll be getting some Alfalfa hay soon since he is prolly month old or maybe even less i'm not sure, i just know he is young

08-07-07, 08:10 am
Don't forget to check out the fleece thread for all the tips on using it. You have to wash it multiple times before it will work right. And you have to have an absorbent layer underneath.

08-07-07, 09:56 am
Where are you located? Because most sign shops have corogated plastic, you can usually buy it in 4'x8' sheets. I'm just thinking that if you're in an are big enough to have a Lowe's, I bet there's a sign shop around somewhere. Good luck!

08-07-07, 03:58 pm
well im sure there is a sign shop somehwere, lowes and AC moore and craft stores dont have any but i'm going to check phone book for sign places and call some up. so, thanks, i'll be doing that i'm sure its easier and cheaper than linoleum.

Also, yes i've read that fact thread on Fleece, very good stuff!! I'll be using towels and Fleece, maybe double layer fleece, we'll see what happens, so thanks again and i'll wash it many times before cutting to sizes.

Percy's Mom
08-07-07, 06:42 pm
Just a pet peeve, but it's "coroplast" not "chloroplast". Coroplast is corrogated plastic that can be used to make the tray bottom of a cage. Chloroplast is the chemical that makes plants green.

08-08-07, 01:12 am
Just a pet peeve, but it's "coroplast" not "chloroplast". Coroplast is corrogated plastic that can be used to make the tray bottom of a cage. Chloroplast is the chemical that makes plants green.

Actually chlorophyll is the pigment that makes plants green. Chloroplasts are organelles which contain the chlorophyll and conduct photosynthesis. :silly:

I'm a scientist, so chloroplast vs coroplast is also a pet peeve of mine too!

08-24-07, 07:19 pm
eh, lol.. happens, always hated english.. lol..

Anyway, My father works at a warehouse that manufactors seats and things for restraunts, and planes, and all kinds of other fabrications.. so i got this thin sheet of plastic that is prolly as thick as a paper plate and it is working great!

08-24-07, 07:55 pm
lol Thanks GeneGenie! That's exactly what I was thinking...sometimes I get too technical, though...

I'm glad it's working out for you, Paul :).