View Full Version : Small Cubes and Coroplast cage?

08-04-07, 01:10 pm
My friend has a piggy, but has limited space. Right now, he is inside a *pet store* cage :sad: that is very small. I am wanting to build her a cubes and coroplast cage, but I'm afriad she does not have the space. The most she could fit would probobly be a 2 cube by 2-3 cube...

I feel very sorry for her piggy, as he is very crowded, and I know she has good intentions. :ashamed:

Does anyone have any suggestions on a small, yet big cage?

(Sorry if this thread is a bit confusing...) :o

08-04-07, 04:58 pm
Try a 2x3, as that is the minimum, and see if you can build up. The 2x3 floor space should be sufficient for one, although I would prefer more. Building up could at least give the piggie a bit more exersice room.

08-04-07, 07:11 pm
Okay, thank you for your suggestion. I will attempt to build a sufficiant one with a couple of floors. Thanks again!

08-06-07, 09:17 am
If you join the cubes together with zip ties instead of the connectors you can make the cage to your exact requirements. That way if they can't fit a 2x3 your friend may be able to fit say a 2.5x2.5. Rearranging furniture to make more space is also a good option to try before you start building.