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07-28-07, 05:46 pm
My girls love toilet paper rolls unfortunately my older girl is to big for them even when their cut, it's kinda funny to watch her to crawl through it only to flatten it in the end. If their anything bigger I can use?
I plan on still stuffing them with hay but any idea on what she can crawl through would be nice.

07-28-07, 06:46 pm
You can get choobs at pet supply stores. They are large cardboard tubes made for small animals.

07-28-07, 06:52 pm
Quaker Oats cannisters

07-28-07, 09:18 pm
I'll have to try those out then. I just feel bad for her cuzz she gets so excited and then she squishes it...

07-29-07, 05:30 am
Also you could find some small pieces of PVC pipe, or I cut a piece from the tube inside a roll of carpet (you could probably get those free at the shop).

07-29-07, 12:21 pm
I agree, PVC pipes are awesome. They don't get squished, and they are very easy to clean. You might want to put a little bit of bedding in them, though, so the piggies don't pee in there and then sit in it. I learned that the hard way. Also, some packages use large, stiff cardboard tubes to hold things like posters. I used those for a while and the piggies love them. Not sure where you can find them, though.

07-30-07, 03:10 pm
I'll have to check out the hardware store out here for some pvc.

07-31-07, 01:35 am
Cardboard tubes from carpet rolls are about the same size as PVC tubes, and are much more environmentally friendly. (PVC is one of/the most environmentally damaging plastics). Go to a carpet store and ask if they have any left overs. Or if you want to use PVC then look for some left over stuff from a building project so at least you're not causing any more to be made.

07-31-07, 10:33 am
If you drop by menards you can find all sorts of interesting things for pig tunnels. There are various things for drainage and gutters along with pvc. Just make sure not to get anything with sharp edges(I debated the metal duct work and decided it was to sharp) or that's too easily chewed like some of the really flexible tubes that are made of woven materials. Most plastics work fine along with any metal that doesn't have sharp edges. Sometimes they'll cut pvc for you but otherwise you can just cut it like a board with a hand saw or table saw.

07-31-07, 10:36 am
Don't bother spending high prices for those large animal cardboard tubes. Either (as someone said) see if you can get the tubes from a carpet seller or go to your local builder's center (Lowes or Home Depot). Go to the concrete area (usually by lumber) and look for the concrete tube forms. They come in 8' lengths of various widths. You can cut them with a saw to make smaller lengths. Rabbits and guinea pigs love them and they are cheap so you can replace them more often if they become soiled.

07-31-07, 01:08 pm
Thanks for all the ideas you guys.

07-31-07, 02:15 pm
look for the concrete tube forms. They come in 8' lengths of various widths. You can cut them with a saw to make smaller lengths.

I didn't realize these would be ok. My boyfriend hauls these to Home Depot, so he can get them cheap.

I just remembered, we have one in the shed that we didn't use. I'll have to get it out!