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07-28-07, 03:59 pm

I'm so sorry to ask this, I bet it has been asked millions of times. What is the best way to build a second level?

I have two piggies who fight. So they have been neutered and will have a sow each. I will make a 2x5 cage each. I want to add a 2x2 second level.

I am considering making the cage 4x5 with a partian grid wall (so this will equate to two 2x5's), then the second level 4x4 with the same partian wall. Will this be safe? Is there another to secure the partitian wall.

The reason I really need to use a partitian is because cubes are so hard to come by in the UK. I was lucky to get the ones I have. I really don't want to sacrifice their second levels if I don't have to. Your cages are all fab by the way. I can't believe this idea it is so simple yet so fabulous!

Thank in advance guys, Molly, Marley, Kofi and Winky xx

07-28-07, 04:56 pm
I think making a divided 4 x 5 would be nice and spacious, but one thing to consider is how you will reach everything to clean it. Sometimes when you have a second level, cleaning underneath it can be quite tedious. And it can be hard to reach the piggies when the cage is so wide. Try to think about the space you have available and how to make a cage both functional and visually appealing in that space. Do you have a picture of where you are putting the cage? What are your limitations?

07-28-07, 05:07 pm
Hello again,

I have the room. I currently have 2 huge nero cages. I was gong to put these in their place. I have a cabinet in the dinning room I'm going to move to give a little more room. They currently reside in there. They seem to like it too as they are not far from the fridge and can make themselves heard if they want cucumber.

I do agree though it may be a bit much with a 4x5. I think I'll do a 4x4 divided. Then I'll probably add a 1x2 second level. I've got all the cubes so I'll experiment tomorrow. I may even do the idea of taking it round a corner?


07-28-07, 11:17 pm
I looked up the "Nero" cages online just now, and they don't look "huge" at all- even the largest size available is much too small. Definitely make a C & C cage instead. Once you get used to it, the Nero cages will seem teeny-tiny. My cage is now 55 square feet, so when I look at pet stores cages I can't even comprehend how microscopic they look!

Anyway, have fun making the cage and make sure you post some pictures when it's all finished! I'm sure it will be great, I just wanted to remind you about having to clean it because sometimes people don't think about that ahead of time and it ends up being a problem.

07-29-07, 05:28 am
You're definately right about the cleaning. I'm glad you pointed that out. Plus we initially started out with 2 piggies and beacuse of all the fighting we now have to expand to 4, with seperate cages. I don't want to bite of more than I can chew right now.

I think we'll start with 4x4, with two levels and go from there.