View Full Version : Innovative Hay-Ray Idea !!

07-27-07, 12:36 pm
Hey Guys, by chance I came up with an awesome alternative to every-day usual hay racks. I was in the process of tinkering around with Bailey's cage (had to seperate him from Reeses) but I realized I had nothing available for a hay rack. Well, I was looking around and had this idea to cut his chube - so it makes a sideways U'ish type shape. Well it fits perfectly between the slats of the cage, so it's off the bottom, and he LOVES eating the hay out of there. Also, the chube is a favorite of both piggies (I have several of them!) they are edible and a fun play-thing for them as well.

So I thought I'd share with you, I am not at home right now, but I will come back and post a pic when I get on my home computer :)

08-01-07, 03:22 pm
That's a great idea! I'd love to try that out too!

08-03-07, 01:15 pm
Hi There! I completely forgot to come back and post a picture, I'll try and remember to do so later. Have been incredibly busy and somewhat stressed, so I've been a bit scatter brained :o