View Full Version : Izzy's going to the vet

07-26-07, 10:52 pm
I was cleaning out the ratties cage earlier and playing with my gang and I noticed that Izzy has a crackling sound coming from her chest. I am off to the vet with her in the morning. Will let you all know what the vet says when we return.

07-26-07, 11:15 pm
Good luck in the morning. I hope all goes well.

07-27-07, 03:37 pm
Got back a little bit ago. The vet thinks it could be a mycoplasma flare up. She put Izzy on Clavamox (Amoxicillin trihydrate) and gave me Doxy if the Clavamox doesn't start working within 72 hours. If Izzy isn't better by mid week next week, she goes back for an x-ray. Izzy is also to go into quarantine away from the others but Dr. Norris said if she gets really stressed out being alone, then to go ahead and let her be with her cagemates.

I was only charged a partial exam fee, $24 instead of $32 and the AB's were $17.15 and $3.15 making todays visit a total of $44.30 which wasn't bad as I was prepared to spend a lot more than that.

07-27-07, 05:13 pm
awww poor girl I heard this from a ferret forum and she took it to the vet put it on amoxicillin and she/he ws fine with in 2 days

get well soon izzy

07-29-07, 01:58 pm
Izzy seems to be feeling a bit better today, she isn't wheezing as much. She hates the Clavamox. I keep trying to find creative ways of giving it to her. It smells tropical and if she gets a whiff of it, she won't have anything to do with it. Getting her to take it from the syringe requires two people to do.

She ended up not being quarantined because she didn't like being alone in the other cage so she is with her roomies. I've just been monitoring Gray and Markie closely for signs of illness.

When any animal is on AB's they need to do the full course to get completely better. Usually it takes 48-72 hours just for the AB's to get in their system and start making them feel better.

07-29-07, 06:20 pm
I sure hope she is feeling better real fast. Let us know how she progresses with her treatment of AB.

07-30-07, 01:46 pm
Poor girl! I hope she is OK. I can only imagine how hard it would be to give medication to a rat, they are so smart. When my cat was on Clavamox it took two people to give it to him as well. It got so bad that the vet started ordering injections especially for him, since the vet and all the vet techs couldn't get my 20 lbs. cat to take the medicine!

08-02-07, 05:58 pm
Wanted to give an update on Izzy. She has responded well to the clavamox. She hasn't been wheezing or having labored breathing and hasn't been making that horrible crackly noise anymore for the last 2-3 days. She's still on the meds and will take the full course though. She's eating well, playing and enjoying the extra space she now has since the boys have moved to their own cage.

08-02-07, 06:53 pm
I am so glad that Izzy is doing much better. How much longer will she need to be on the meds?

08-03-07, 03:27 pm
Today will mark 1 week and I will continue through til Monday. So about 10 days total.

08-03-07, 03:42 pm
yay for izzy is she stil not willingly take the meds

08-03-07, 04:04 pm
She's gotten better with it and doesn't fight so much if I take it slow and give her .1 at a time. She has to take a total of .5ml at a time, twice a day. I tried hiding it a couple times in food/treats but she can still smell it and then won't eat it.

08-03-07, 08:31 pm
It's too bad ratties and piggies aren't like dogs where you can wrap the meds in bologna and feed it to them that way. When I had to give Kelso his meds, I had to wrap him in a towel and squirt the meds into his mouth quick like. Kelso wasn't about to give me a second chance at it.

08-07-07, 04:14 pm
Final update: Izzy is doing wonderful. No symptoms for many days now. She's back to her old self. She had her final dose this morning.

08-07-07, 07:53 pm
That's great that she is all better now and back to herself again.

08-12-07, 08:23 am
How is Izzy doing now that she is completely off her meds?