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07-25-07, 11:34 am
Hi everyone! I've been reading here for about a month now and finally became a member last night! We are brand new piggy owners - two piggies: OREO AND PEANUT BUTTER (but we just call her PEANUT). They are my daughter's piggies, actually. My daughter did alot of reading and research for about a year before we finally got the piggies. The problem is that I didn't do my own reading and research (before we bought them that is. I found this site within the first night or two of bringing them home)! So, I beg you all to please forgive my ignorance upon first buying the piggies ... I didn't know any better and am learning as I go!

I have about 100 pictures that I put up in my flickr account of the girls and their living space! I purposely made all of those pictures public because I'm wanting to post the link to the pictures here so those of you that have the time to look thru the pictures can do so and give me advice!

While I have learned SO VERY MUCH from this site alone and so many of the posts that I have sat up for hours late at night reading, I still have a few questions that I haven't yet found answers to. I think most of the questions I covered while typing descriptions to the pictures in my flickr account ... anything with a major question, I used the tagline "PIGGIE HELP", I think. (I know I spelled piggy wrong when I did it, but it was like 4 am and I'd been working on these all night!)

In trying to keep this message shorter, I won't ask all my questions in this message. I'll hope that some of you can view the flickr account first and answer questions that way. Here's that link: Flickr: Photos from Patty's Patio (http://flickr.com/photos/pattysplace/)

Again, I just want to beg everyone to please, please be patient with me and remember that I am a new piggy owner! I'm trying my best on a limited budget to be a GOOD piggy owner! The 29th, it'll be one month that we've had the girls and they've already gotten a nice, cozy spot in my heart! And I promise that any future piggies we get will be adopted thru pet rescue!!!

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!
Patty Johnson

07-25-07, 11:55 am
Hi Patty, welcome to the forum!

Don't beat yourself up about buying your piggies or anything else, we all make mistakes. Most people here have bought piggies in the past before they knew better. The most important thing is to educate yourself and then do your best from now on.

Well done for doing your research and finding this site - hopefully you'll find all the information you need here.
I recommend reading all the "sticky" threads - they give great care info such as what to feed, etc.

If you want some comments about your photos I have a few. Firstly you should consider buying a different food - Oxbow or Kleenmamas are most recomended. You are also right that you don't need the pet store chew treats - piggies should wear their teeth down by getting an unlimited supply of grass hay.
Your play area looks great - really spacious and fun. It looks like your using bits of fabric on the floor - you might find it easier to use towells and fleece to keep the piggies dry. There is a great sticky on fleece in the bedding section to get you started.

If you have any questions you can't find answers to please post them in the relevant section and we'll be happy to help.

Oh, and your piggies are gorgeous!

07-25-07, 01:58 pm
Since crazywiggy covered everything I was going to say, I'll just add a couple things.

First off, welcome...to both the forum and piggy slavedom! Secondly, your girls are gorgeous, especially love Oreo's coloring!

The long pop boxes are perfectly safe and fine for them. My boys love running through theirs and hiding in it.

07-25-07, 02:00 pm
Hi and Welcome to GPC. I hope you continue learning here.

Your piggers are cute.

07-25-07, 02:17 pm
Welcome to the forum. I am kind of new too. I don't have any piggies yet but am planning on getting some really soon. We are presently getting ready to move to a house. So we want to get settled again before we get our piggies. I have been reading alot on this site for a couple of months and have learned alot. It is horrible how companies don't care about what they put into their products as I have read alot of the foods, and treats are bad for the piggies. Have the piggies been to a vet yet, it is important to have a cavy savy vet they say here. Also when you take them to the vet they will show you how to trim the piggers nails as they need trimming every 3 weeks or so I think. There are also food charts but I bet you found those already.