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07-24-07, 06:35 am
For a very short time (until I got my coroplast) my piggy was in a large glass tank that we had. I had a test tube style water bottle for him that worked just fine but it needed to be refilled about 5 times a day or more. Now that he is in his C&C cage I bought him 2 larger bottles that have the ball bearing in the end and he is hardly getting any water! I put his old one in the cage now so he always can easily get water but I need something larger and non-glass. I have had a couple of these shatter in my hand while taking the rubber stopper out. Help:melodrama! Will he learn to use the new one if I leave it for part of a day every day?

07-24-07, 08:33 am
Remove the old one and leave him with the new one. He'll work it out overnight.

07-24-07, 08:38 am
Your bottle may be defective. Can you take it back to the store for a refund/exchange? The first water bottle I purchased when I brought my piggies home was a glass one ($10) and no water was coming out. The pigaroos kept sucking and there was no movement in the water (no bubbles, etc.) At 11:30 in the evening I ran down to Walmart and bought a large plastic water bottle for 4 bucks. It works perfectly, ball bearing and all. Sometimes the cheap stuff works better than the expensive stuff!

07-24-07, 08:40 am
Thank you, I did try leaving it for for a couple of days and he was getting some water but the level went down very slowly! I do think I'll try it again.

07-24-07, 08:42 am
The two other bottles I have are different. One is a cheap one from Walmart and the other is a glass one from Tractor Supply Company. The glass one seemed to work better than the plastic though.

07-24-07, 08:52 am
but the level went down very slowly! I do think I'll try it again.

He probably just wasn't drinking that much. As long as he is drinking I wouldn't worry about it. He is getting additional water content from his veggies. If you leave them extra wet after you wash them, you can make sure he is getting more water. Just put the new one in and don't worry.