View Full Version : One story or two?

07-22-07, 02:54 pm
Hopefully pretty soon my parents are going to let me get two guinea pigs of my own. I just need to hear back from the shelter!
But I'm not sure how I want to make the cage. I know that it will be 2 grids x 3 grids, but I have no idea if I want to make a second level of about the same size on top of it. Can anybody shed some light? I have the room to do it, but I'm not sure if I should. Would it be better than just one level? Can some people share their stories about one level vs. two level C&C cages?


P.S. The cage will have to have a lid on it - I have a cat and a dog.

07-22-07, 04:40 pm
My pigs love having a second level. Its a good way of adding more space to their cage if you have limited room. I had a second level directly on top of the first level but I found it to be so hard to clean the first level. Other people have no problems with it though.

You can see in some of my pictures how I redid the cage so that they have a second level. But it takes up the same amount of space as if I didn't have a second level, but they enjoy running up and down the ramp and the second level provides some space for storage underneath. I say look through some of the photos for 2nd level closed cages and you can get some ideas from there.

07-22-07, 05:33 pm
Thanks! Yeah, I still don't know if I'm going to make one story or two, or how many grids I'm going to make it.. I probably will just end up messing around with the design for a while until I like what I see. Thanks for your input.