View Full Version : Grid height for loft/upper level

07-16-07, 08:07 am
I was wondering about the height of grids on a second level of a cage where the top level looks over the bottom.

Some examples from the gallery:

You can see the grids there on the "balcony" side are about half height. Is this safe to do? And if so, why is it safe to do so on these grids compared to the grids that are on the outside of the cage? I've also seen cages where the upper level's balcony side has no side grids at all.

We are planning a second level at the moment on one end of our cage and this idea seems nice but I don't want any dive bombing piggies!

07-16-07, 08:23 am
If a fight breaks out on the balcony, one of your pigs could be injured. I would say that you should put a regular sized cube. Just in case you have a climber or a jumper.

07-16-07, 01:22 pm
As someone who has used half grids for loft balcony railings, they are safe. The reason you don't want to use them for the outside rails is because they are only around 6 1/2-7" tall and pigs that wanted to could jump right over them and out the cage, especially if the cage sits on the floor. Most pigs won't go over them when they are used on upper levels.

Every slave knows their own pigs best. If you know your pigs aren't jumpers or climbers then you could try them. If they ended up not working, then you could replace them with full grids. On an upper level there always needs to be some type of barrier to keep the pigs from falling or being pushed off. The cages with no upper loft railing grids are not all that safe in my opinion.

07-16-07, 01:29 pm
Thanks for the advice :) I think we will try the half height grids and see how it goes.. our pigs are more interested in squeezing through ridiculously tiny gaps than showing interest in the vertical world.

I don't think we would ever consider not using any barrier at all, two of our pigs are very crashy when it comes to popcorning zoomies!

Thanks again, that puts my mind at rest.