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07-15-07, 07:43 pm
I want to get my pigs a cozie that I see in lots of pictures, but I don't know what they are called in stores. What are the made for?

Also, can I put them in the washing machine?C

07-15-07, 08:00 pm
Well my feed store sells them I believe and I see them in wal-mart sometimes and I believe they are just called, Cuddly Cups. If you go into the pet section they may have some small beds. Also if you like sewing you can make one out of some fleece if you want. Also you can wash them just don't use the fabric softner in the dryer as you wouldn't with the fleece.

07-15-07, 09:07 pm
I saw several cuddly cups in(and I know you're going to hate this) Petsmart. If you don't want to shop there, then I'm sure you could find some off the internet.

07-16-07, 06:36 pm
The Cozy Cavy - Home (http://www.cozycavy.com/)

This is where I got mine. They have several different styles you can choose from. They are specifically made for the piggies.