View Full Version : Cubes and Hays

07-09-07, 11:48 pm

Where can I get some cheap cubes besides Bunning in Melbourne? Oh and Hays as well.

07-10-07, 09:09 am
There are rumoured to be grids at Aldi.

But you can also try places like "The Warehouse" or "The Reject Shop".

For Hay, you can try farm supply stores...or check the paper for sales, The Herald Sun Classifieds, The Weekly Times etc etc.

07-10-07, 05:27 pm
Thx Aertyn, I hv tried "the warehouse" and "the reject shop". They dun stored any, worst they dun even know what i'll looking for ...lol

07-11-07, 03:28 am
It's a bit of a hit and miss with those stores, The Reject Shop in my town had grids one week and when I went back the next they were gone and they haven't been back in since.

Bunnings is pretty much the only place that consistently has grids.

07-11-07, 06:08 pm
Aldi up here has them, and they are better quality than the bunnings ones!

07-12-07, 12:11 am
So wish the Aldi in Melbourne, store them as well...

07-28-07, 03:45 am
Yeah, I got some Aldi grids and they are great. Instead of the plastic coating on other grids they have a power coat. No piggy of mine is going to have a chance at eating grid plastic. =]