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10-21-04, 03:15 pm
My pigs are inside for the winter because its so wet outside. They are in comercial(sp) pet cages that dont have any high side to prevent things from falling out. It have towels under them to pick up the droppings, but Im using newspaper with shredded paper on top for bedding. It smells and it gets soaked very quickly. I change three cages on a daily basis and thats all I have time to do. My mom yells at me constantly about the smell. They are in my bedroom and Im bothered by it also.

Do any of you know of a cheap, absorbant bedding that might help with the smell? Would fleace work? I keep everything as clean as possible but I still need another option.

Thanks for the help!

10-21-04, 03:23 pm
Yeh, the cage is in my room and my mums always having a go. Yes, you could try fleece. Its cheap but it needs changing every other day. You coould try aspen.

10-21-04, 03:35 pm
Cant use aspen. They would kick it all over my room and then my mom would really have a cow. Ive tried it before. I think Im going to give fleece a go though. Thanks. Any other ideas would be welcomed too.

10-21-04, 03:36 pm
Well, if you don't want to use loose bedding, then a towel and fleece combination is your best bet.

10-21-04, 03:52 pm
Get carboard boxes to make side and let the piggies chew on it and put bedding in there. Other than that get extra fleece so that while your washing you got a clean one on hand. I would do fleece my self but our coin up washer is broken and hasnt been fixed.

10-21-04, 04:04 pm
im going to try fleece. i have six pads so i only need to do one big load of laundry every week.

10-21-04, 04:21 pm
Where can I get fleece pads? Does wal-mart sell them?

10-21-04, 04:36 pm
no, you have to make them

10-21-04, 04:56 pm
How do you make them?

10-21-04, 05:13 pm
well, i just measured the inside of my coroplast, and the i cut a sheet of fleece to that size. then i measured and cut a baby crib pad to that size, and sewed them together. I attached velcro to the bottom of the pad, and the other half of the velcro went onto the coroplast! tada!

when i use the pads, i will be putting nespaper under them as well. if youre thinking of using fleece, it is probably a good idea to litter train your cavies

10-21-04, 05:31 pm
Were can I get the Fleece?

10-21-04, 05:48 pm
um, you can buy it in fleece blankets at target, walmart, any home store. or you could get it comeplace liek Joanns or any other fabric store. it will probabl;y be a lot cheaper at joanns.

10-22-04, 04:40 pm
That's a great idea about the velcro!!!!!!!! Thanks!!

10-22-04, 05:11 pm
your welcome. if you buy the velcro with the adhesive backing, just stick it onto the coro. youll have to stitch the velcro to the fleece though, even if is is already sticky, or it wont last through the wash.

smileyface cavy
02-11-05, 05:59 pm
I use pine, and it doesn't smell much. Try it.

02-11-05, 08:31 pm
Pine would give me the same problem as aspen. Right now Im using towels covered by fleece in half the cage and shredded newspaper in half the cage. Thank you everyone for you recomendations.