View Full Version : Quicky & Cheap Rat Pen?

06-28-07, 06:26 pm
Alright, so I recently moved back home since I graduated from college and I discovered that my sister's two remaining feeder rats that grew too big for her snake are still alive, living in the basement, and receiving very little human attention and daylight. Why? Because apparently they stand up and urinate outside of their cage (I've seen them do it) and no one wants anything to do with them. Sad, I know, please don't judge the fam too harshly :(

My thoughts: One of those really long and big rubbermaid containers to put in my bedroom. Naturally, I wouldn't leave the top on it (I think it would be tall enough and there would be no way to climb out) but I figure that would take care of the whole standing up and urinating thing. It also would be easier to move and less expensive than a glass aquarium. Anyone ever use one or have any other suggestions (besides chastizing my fam, which I've already done)? :)


06-28-07, 07:40 pm
The plastic or glass isn't a great idea because it will lead to bad smells due to bad circulation of air. I suggest looking online and see if anyone is getting rid of a cage for cheap, or free.

You'd be surprised that the rats could more than likely get out of a open container.

06-28-07, 07:55 pm
They have a cage that is plenty big enough already, the problem is that they spray outside of it and it goes on the surrounding floor/walls. If they were younger I would take them in to be neutered, but they're kinda old and I don't want to risk the surgery.

I know that enclosures with solid walls have poorer ventilation, but was hoping the open top would help and daily spot cleaning would help.

Any suggestions on improving a wire cage to keep the urin in?


06-29-07, 07:29 am
Are they standing on the floor of the cage when they pee? If so, could you use some coroplast to make a base (like you would for a piggy cage) and put the whole cage in that? It would only need to be tall enough to hold the pee in, without stopping the circulation. Then you could just wipe down the coroplast when they get cleaned out.

06-29-07, 11:01 am
Crzay: They seems to do it anywhere they can stand; I thought about making a base tall enough for the bottom level but then I found out the little buggers will do it from the second floor as well and that's what gets on the walls.


06-29-07, 11:55 am
Sneaky little blighters!

The only other thing I can think of is to get a couple of sheets of coroplast and put one on the floor (to catch any pee they send out that way) and one against the wall.

07-06-07, 05:16 pm
That is funny, they stand up & pee! I never had any rats do that! Haha
I would try the coroplast and maybe get a one level cage?

Also the open rubbermaid containers DONT work, ive tried them, and they easily jump out! Just some in advance advice!