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06-16-07, 01:13 am
Yesterday evening I went to feed our little hamster and she was curled up peacefully in her house taking her last breaths. She'd been slowing down a lot for the last couple of months but still had a healthy appetite. She passed away at midnight last night in my hands aged 2 and a half.


Brie never liked people very much. She would barely tolerate me handling her - I was the only person she didn't bite. She came home two years ago when I was in a local pet store with a friend who used to work there. They called her "Demon" because none of them could handle her without losing a finger. As such, they offered me her for free on the spot so home she came.

Handling was always on her terms... if she didn't want to come out she wouldn't let you take her out. She was always handled regularly but never as much as any hamster I've had before - I guess I've always been lucky with hamster personalities!

She will be missed and will be my last hamster for a while. RIP little girl.

06-16-07, 01:59 am
Oh, I am sorry to hear about wee Brie, Lorna. She looks so angelic in the picture - she must have recognised something in you as worthy of not biting, and had a wonderful life in your good care - even if it was always on her terms!

RIP little Brie

piggly wiggly
06-16-07, 07:02 am
I am very sorry, what a beautiful girl. R.I.P Brie.

06-16-07, 07:39 am
I'm sorry to hear this Lorna. Brie was beautiful and looked such a character.

06-16-07, 12:04 pm
I'm very sorry for your loss Lorna. She was beautiful.

Percy's Mom
06-16-07, 01:50 pm
I'm so sorry to hear about Brie. She was a lovely little girl, even if she did have quite the attitude. No matter how big or small, they all touch our hearts.

06-17-07, 07:38 pm
What a beautiful little girl she was. I'm so sorry for her loss and she had I'm sure a lovely home. RIP little one.