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06-13-07, 12:40 pm
sorry this is probably a dumb question and people probably have asked before, but how do yoo thank people? alot of people have been really helpful to me but i have no idea how to thank them...

06-13-07, 01:02 pm
Once you have been on the forum for 30 days (I think) and posted at least 10 posts (or there abouts), you will become a 'cavy slave' - and then you can thank. Someone with more precise info will come along I'm sure! You will see a 'thanks' button beside the 'quote' button when you can thank folk.

You can contribute a small amount financially, and immediately rise to cavy-stardom - where you get to thank people immediately!

06-13-07, 01:08 pm
ahh, ok. thank yoo! yoor on my list of people to thanklol lol