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06-11-07, 07:06 am
Tonight I found my dear sweet caremal dead in her cage... I wish with all my heart and soul that she was back here safe in my arms. I loved her so much and can only pray she is happy now over the rainbow bridge.

Blakcie and flopsy knew she had passed, I wish I was there with her. I've been holding her in my arms wishing she would come back but I know she's not there, that shes gone.

I will always remeber her eating blueberries and looking up at me with her cute piggy lips stained with juice; the way she would try to run around the lounge room during floortime and then sneak back in her cage. She was my first cavy, my baby girl. She had the most adorable eyes that could light up your heart and bring a smile to anyone's face. Her small paws are now holding a letter I wrote her, and I have placed pigtures of her cagemates in with her so she will no longer be lonely.

Her cute piggie squeal wont echo when I open the door but her spirit will always remain with me and my remaining piglets. She will be missed, she will be loved, she will always be my sweet baby angel now and forever.

I love you caremal, rest in peace....



My sweet angel is the one with the beatuiful white stripe, she will always be in the thoughts and hearts of those who loved her.

06-11-07, 08:46 am
Sop sorry to hear about Caremal - she will be running free with lots of other dearly loved piggies over the rainbow bridge.

06-11-07, 09:21 am
I'm so sorry for your loss. Beautiful piggie she was. RIP little one.

06-11-07, 03:52 pm
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Caremal was a beautiful girl.

piggly wiggly
06-11-07, 04:27 pm
I am so sorry, what a beautiful girl. R.I.P little girl.

Mommy Of One
06-11-07, 05:30 pm
What a beautiful angel.
She will be waiting for you at the rainbow bridge, just remember that.
Positive vibes being sent your way.

06-11-07, 06:24 pm
I'm so sorry to hear that your dear Caremal passed. It's always hard to lose a piggie, but it's especially hard to lose your first piggie. *hugs*

06-13-07, 06:39 am
Thankyou so much all *HUgs* I made a memorial video of her with the song ''little wonders'' by Rob Thomas. She is being cremated and I will be passing down her ashes to my children and it will continue to be passed down. She won't be forgotten.

I cried myself to sleep last night, and haven't stopped. I can't cry anymore, I miss her so much. Blackie and Flopsy are missing her so much and her baby boy fluffball is missing his mum... he was going to be neutered soon so he could live with her and the girls and now he cant..

Its hit me so hard... I honestly dont know how anyone gets through grief like this with all your beloved fur babies...I pray that all our babies are over the rainbow bridge and we will see them again.

Thankyou all for your support.

Much love,

Niomie and the Piglets

06-13-07, 02:15 pm
I am very sorry for your loss.