View Full Version : Rat Forum?

06-10-07, 07:01 pm
So I was searching, and couldn't find a good rat forum.. whatever one ratpalace.com used to be is gone... Does anyone have any suggestions?

06-10-07, 08:48 pm
ratsrule.com has a great forum!!

06-13-07, 02:17 pm
I like the ratsrule forums myself. They have good advice.

06-15-07, 02:23 am
Ratsrule was the fourm I used when my daughter had rats. It is very good.

06-15-07, 05:20 am
The best one around is XXXXXXXX It is a British site and has a very helpful forum. :)

07-06-07, 05:18 pm
This is a UK based site but very fun,helful, and mostly active! Tons of rat lovers and quick responses!

07-06-07, 06:49 pm
For the second time I have had to delete a breeder/breeding/showing link out of this thread. Please people, try to remember that this is a RESCUE oriented forum. We do not allow links to pages that encourage breeding and showing of animals. Posting an improper link will earn you an infraction as it's clearly states that we do not allow them in the rules and the link will get deleted.

07-31-07, 05:38 am
I really like Ratsrule. A pro rescue site with great advise.