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06-06-07, 07:18 am
Hey im new. I have 5 guinea pigs, 3 male 2 female.
3 of these were bought from a petstore and the other 2 were from an accidental pregnancy.

I was just wondering if there was a such thing as guinea pig rescues in Australia? I didnt think there was... but just making sure :cheerful:

I may be looking for a young sow soon, so I would rather rescue than buy from a petstore:crazy:

Thanks :)

06-06-07, 07:40 am
There most certainly are cavy rescues in Australia, one of the biggest, if not the biggest rescue, and the one who has been most influential in cavy awareness is The Australian Cavy Sanctuary, which is located nearish to Brisbane.

Australian Cavy Sanctuary (http://www.australiancavysanctuary.com/index2new.html) - their webpage

They also have one on the Sunshine Coast and one in Woollongong. If you look around you will find Guinea Pigs in need of homes, you just have to look hard enough.

06-06-07, 07:43 am
:) thanks heaps... do you know of any in WA?

06-06-07, 08:20 am
Off the top of my head, no, but you could try quokka.com.au (or something like that) or, the rspca site they sometimes list Guinea Pigs.

Try local papers as well, sometimes people list free to good home pigs in their.

06-06-07, 08:22 am
:) thanks heaps! Will do that :)