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06-05-07, 05:00 pm
I am new here and I have a really random question...

Would a tarp be an okay thing to set down on the floor, the towels, fleece, and cube frame?

Right now my two growing boys have a 3x2 cube cage with a chloroplast bottom. I am moving to a new house (new state too) on Saturday and I want the boys to have a bigger cage. Would my idea work for a temporary bottom until I can find and afford a big enough sheet of chloroplast?

Any other ideas for a floor bottom would be great, if the tarp isn't a good idea!

- Amy (Mace and Merlin):love:

06-05-07, 05:13 pm
I think that a tarp would work find under your towels and fleece as a temporary replacement for coroplast. The only thing I would be worried about is the cleaning. You can't exactly throw the tarp in the wash, so I suppose you'd have to vaccum or shake it out.

How are you traveling? It would probably be cheaper to bring the existing bottom with you and then just add on to it later.

06-05-07, 05:38 pm
I will be bringing along the existing bottom. Maybe I can use the 3x2 bottom and fill it with shavings and keep the hay, water, and pellets on that side...and just add on and create a temporary "play" side with the tarp, towels, and fleece on the bottom until I can get chloroplast.

Does that sound like it would work for now?

- Amy (Mace and Merlin):love:

Percy's Mom
06-06-07, 10:18 am
The tarp should be fine until you can get a new piece of coroplast to make a larger bottom for your cage.

And just so you don't have issues finding what you're looking for at the store, it's "coroplast" not "chloroplast". Coroplast is corrugated plastic that can be scored and bent into trays for the bottom of your cage. Chloroplast is the chemical compound in plants that makes them green.

06-06-07, 11:14 am
Thank you, I know exactly what coroplast is. My computer was automatically spell checking it into "chloroplast" :p.

I am actually thinking of making their new cage out of a big kiddie pool. If it doesn't work for us, we can always go back to C&C.

- Amy (Mace and Merlin):love: