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06-03-07, 07:27 pm
On CNQ forum, a longstanding member Liz, lost her 2 year old son to an auto accident. He was with her ex-husband, who is suspected to have been drinking. Liz is a young single mother who has overcome alot of obsticles and this loss is devestating. There is a fund set up for Liz and if you are interested in donating to Jacob's fund, please pm and I will send you the information. Here are the links to the threads as well as the news report of the accident. Please keep postive thoughts for Liz in this horrible time.


Wrong-way driver on Interstate 90 in WA; three killed - Examiner.com (http://www.examiner.com/a-749656%7EWrong_way_driver_on_Interstate_90_in_WA__ three_killed.html?cid=rel-v1)

I understand that the linked site is probably not an approved site, it does offer information to breeders, however Liz was a pet owner of several rescued pets and was one of the pet people that represents the non-breeding point of view on their board.

piggly wiggly
06-03-07, 07:42 pm
I am so sorry for your friend, she lost her son,and the other vehicle hit now has an infant without a mom. What a horrible tragedy.RIP little one!

06-04-07, 07:04 am
That's so horrible! I got tears in my eyes while not even knowing her or anyone else on there for that matter. Send her my blessings.

06-04-07, 09:02 am
I can't even imagine the horror and pain. I'll keep her in my thoughts and wish her the strength to get through this and find healing.

06-04-07, 11:23 am
Ugh. I can think of few things that could be so tragic.

06-04-07, 11:40 am
No parent should ever have to go through such a traumatic loss. She will be in my thoughts and I truely hope that she can find the strength to get through this.

06-04-07, 04:04 pm
That is so sad. I too am thinking of her.

06-04-07, 05:19 pm
That is too terrible. It is so awful in a situation like that because the court forces you to allow visitation and you have to send your child off with someone you know is not responsible. I have only had to fear this situation and thank heaven, have not had the loss. That poor baby. I'm sending thoughts of strength to Liz. No parent should ever have to experience the loss of a child.

06-04-07, 05:25 pm
Please PM Smartorl for the link if you're interested in reading it.

06-04-07, 05:26 pm
One thought for Liz, you could suggest that she contact MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) That is the only place I can think of where members will understand her pain and her Anger. I read her post about her ex driving 5 miles the wrong way on interstate 90 and they SUSPECT that alcohol may be a factor.

06-05-07, 12:53 am
I dont know what to say other than I am so, so sorry for her loss. Please do suggest that she contacts MADD.