View Full Version : Tiger and Mufasa...

06-01-07, 08:12 am
My two fish, Tiger and Mufasa, died last night :(

Mufasa was a lionhead goldfish, and he died last night, one of my friends found him floating at the top of the bowl (I was changing the aquarium water). This morning, Tiger was found on the bottom of it... I think they wanted to be together. They were best friends. I actually cried, I had my fish for two years, they were my buddies. :( My roommate and I are probably going to go to the pet store sometime this week to get a couple more.. I'm really heartbroken for my two buddies :(

06-28-07, 08:06 am
Im so sorry to hear that....at least they will be together and happy someplace else. I hope you are doing well.

06-28-07, 11:14 am
Make sure you really disinfect that tank- could be something in the water. Sorry for your loss. :(