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10-16-04, 10:55 am
i have a 19 1/2 week old cross breed rabbit frodo. what about all of you?

10-16-04, 11:38 am
i have a 19 1/2 week old cross breed rabbit frodo. what about all of you?

9 guinea pigs (getting 1-2 more piggers soon), 6 cats, and 1 dog. Used to have 5 quail but they ran away. Also used to have a rabbit, and hamsters. Rabbit had to be put to sleep. Hamsters died.

Adidas N Cavies
10-16-04, 11:45 am
I have twio smooth 1 male 1 female male is black with white in the middle of head. He is 8 months and Female is brownish tanish 50/50 facwe like in my profile picture 1 year old and very friendly. We let the two play a around but i dont want too breed

10-16-04, 12:13 pm
Hey and welcome. I have two guinea pigs called Ascot and Furlong. One is a crested self black, and the other is a tri coloured.

10-16-04, 12:13 pm
Adidas, this is a guinea pig forum on a guinea pig cage board. Although we cover rabbits, it does have a specific forum.

Can a mod or admin please move this?

Anyhoo, welcome to the boards. C&C cages are commonly used for housing rabbits as well.

10-16-04, 01:17 pm
thanks everyone. yeh their is a rabbit bord but it isnt used much, or so i see it only has like 8 diffrent replies. so i thought id investigate. im looking for places that sell the cubes, but i cant find anywhere in the uk :S
I also have 2 cats and a dog aswell as frodo :)

10-16-04, 01:38 pm
right now i have 2 cats, 1 guinea pig, 1 frog, 3 fish, I will soon probably be getting a maltese puppy and maybe another pig. I used to have hamsters and bunnies.

10-16-04, 07:52 pm
I got 12 guinea pigs, 1 dog, 2 dwarf lop bunnies, and about 100 fishies.

10-16-04, 10:12 pm
i got two piggies and i think my sow is pregnant.. more piggies for me..!!

10-17-04, 07:51 am
Welcome! I have 5 guinea pigs and 2 dogs.

10-18-04, 06:39 pm
1 pig: Male, Sagwa, 1 1/2 (?) -age unsure- Black with orange, spiked fur
2 rabbits: Peanut, 1 1/2 (again, unsure),Female, Mini rex -very nasty, bad attitude- white+orange colored fur
Ricky, Male, 2 (unsure),Brittine Pitete (spelling?) fur, brown, white/silver underside, very shy of people
1 dog: Rotteliwer (spelling...), 12 yrs