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05-20-07, 06:04 am
Hi from a newbie in Sheffield. I've not got any piggies yet, but I'm hoping to adopt some beautiful girls from a rescue centre. I found you here while doing my research, and I'm glad I did. I was really very surprised by the sizes of the cages in the petshops I visited, and how many cavies were recommended for a pretty small cage. Since I've been reading here I've been in contact with a rescue centre, and this morning bought 2 packs of grids from a local B&Q so once I've cleared the space I'll be set for building.

You've all got some great advice, beautiful animals and really creative homes for them - I hope when I get my girls they'll be just as happy.

Percy's Mom
05-20-07, 08:48 am
Congratulations on doing your research before adopting new family members. You'll be SO happy that you're already knowledgable about the basics before you bring them home. Of course it's a continuous learning process. I'm still finding that I learn new things all the time.

When you bring your girls home, please take lots of pictures and share them with us!

05-20-07, 09:50 am
Hello and welcome. It great that you are doing your homework first before bring home your new babies. Do you have your girls picked out yet or are you still looking? If you have any questions please ask. There are alot of people here that can answer your questions.