View Full Version : What can pigs and bunnies share?

05-19-07, 10:11 pm
I am currently doing prep work and research because I am hoping to adopt a bunny (or 2) in the near future. Something I was wondering, can rabbits and pigs share pellets and hay? Like is there 1 type that I can buy a large amount of that both of them can eat?

05-20-07, 07:00 am
Although guinea pigs and rabbits can share hay (assuming they are both of the age that they need a grass hay), they should not share pellets. Guinea pigs and rabbits have very different nutritional needs, and a good quality pellet for either would not be acceptable to the other.

In addition, be wary of bringing new rabbits into your house, as some carry bacteria that are dangerous to guinea pigs.

06-07-07, 04:18 am
On the issue of the bacteria, I have a question. Is it all rabbits and how serious is it. I'm wondering about the possibility of being able to offer to look after a family member's rabbit if they go on holiday. It would have it's own hutch and never be with the pigs, but I'm wondering if it could use their run on an area of grass they are never on. Would this be too risky? My common sense says yes, but I don't have a reason why. :o Presumably the pigs could pick up the bacteria if the rabbit peed on the wooden frame of the run?

06-07-07, 09:00 am
The pasteurella and bordetella that rabbits can carry really isn't an issue as long as the rabbit is kept clean and, litterbox/cage cleaned often and the animals are kept separate. They need not be in separate rooms but they should not be able to sniff at each other or interact.Keep bowls, toys and water bottles separate.

The diseases that they can pass to each other do not travel far through the air and need more of a direct contact. You should be able to safely own each animal and petsit without worry if you do these things.