View Full Version : Rescued rats, how to earn their trust?

05-17-07, 02:16 pm
I recently adopted two female rats from a friend of mine who no longer wanted them, and they haven't been socialized at all. I built them an amazing three story cage using mesh grids that they really love, but they seem a little unsure of me and bit my hand when I tried to give them some lettuce. What is the best way to earn their trust?

05-23-07, 11:06 pm
I would say a lot of play time with them and treats while they are out the cage with you. If they learn that when they come out with you, most of the time they get treats and love you'll have a hard time keeping them off you lol. You can play games with them, even just let them run around on your bed and draw, they will want to know what your doing and most of the time come over in a few minutes. :D

Zenith Cherry
07-12-07, 06:59 pm
Yah, everytime you feed keep some of the food in your hand so they have to eat from you first before they get all their food. Soon they learn (they're very smart) that you are their source of food and are worthy of worship. Don't intrude on their privacy and make sure they have lots of places to hide in. It may seem like they will never come out, but they will when they're good and ready. And as always, treats! Treats!! TREATS!!! Find healthy snacks at your local petstore and toss one two them every time you walk by. They will love you forever.