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05-10-07, 11:50 am
Just giving my newbie intro! Great to be here! I have been a regular to the CC site and CS sites. Figured it was about time to join the forum.

My name is Manda, I have 4 cavies... Robin, Lil Joe, Buddy and Sugar (4 males and 1 female). I have been a cavy slave for over 2 years now. They are my "babies". I like hearing new ideas from other cavy lovers and maybe sharing a few ideas myself.

Besides being a cavy slave, I am a mother of 2 (Preston 11 and Emma 8) and one on the way! I also converted my hubby into a cavy lover! (he knows the rule.. he goes before the piggies!..haha)

So.. hello!

05-11-07, 07:00 am
Welcome, you will have to post some pictures of your piggies. When are you due?(if you don't mind me asking) My hubby knows that rule all to well.

05-15-07, 11:32 am
I am due on Oct. 22. So got a ways to go! I am fighting with my scanner at the moment. I had some on my old computer of the piggies, but I can't find the disc I saved them too :( But, will get some soon! I live in the stone age you know, old fashioned camera's around here. haha

Percy's Mom
05-15-07, 11:56 am
Don't forget that even with old fashioned cameras most places have an option to have your pics put on CD when you get your film developed. I found that much easier when I've had to use a 35mm for anything.

05-15-07, 03:44 pm
I put what photo's I could find in an album http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showgallery.php/ppuser/7229/cat/500
Still not sure about how to make the preview thumbnails look right..haha They aren't the best quality, but I am supposed to get a digital camera before the baby is born! Will get some film and get some current pictures of the piggies later this week.

05-15-07, 04:18 pm
Welcome. Congrats on your new baby on the way - wish I was in your shoes! :)

05-15-07, 06:06 pm
Oh thank you for the welcome! Well.. it will be 8 years since my last child, so it's been a while..haha