View Full Version : Bedding for Hamsters

05-09-07, 11:30 am
I know Fleece is not good for Hamsters. I've been using Aspen bedding, and I know Carefresh is ok too. But is Pine ok for Hamsters?

07-01-07, 01:45 pm
no, pine is not good for any small animal.

07-01-07, 01:45 pm
sorry to double post but I spoke too soon, actually pine is ok if it is kiln dried and dust free

07-01-07, 07:17 pm
I have a preference for carefresh over any wood bedding; it's so soft, absorbant, and comes in a whole bunch of colors.


07-03-07, 06:51 pm
I liked the wood type when I had hamsters/gerbils- it seems to stick together better when they burrow and make little hills. 1" deep or more usually seems really nice for gerbils- hence why I had mine in a tank. Otherwise you get the bedding flung far and wide.

07-04-07, 01:08 pm
I dunno if this works for hamsters, but for mice potting soil (baked for a couple of hours at 250 farenheight) makes a really good substrate. They don't eat it, it controls odors beautifully, and they have tonnes of fun digging through it. But I'd wait for someone more familiar with hamsters to chime in before actually using it.

07-05-07, 09:22 pm
What I do for my hamster is I put about 3in. of kiln dried, dust free pine. Then on top of it I put about an inch of carfresh so you cant smell the pine.