View Full Version : Urgent: Philly Rat Situation

Popcorn's pet
05-01-07, 05:21 pm
My fiance is finishing his masters in Psychology. One of the classes he TAs for uses lab rats. After the class was over, he managed to keep 4 as pets, to save them. the rest were sent off to the bio department for vivisection.

He is not a good rat owner, and these are not nice rats. These rats have ptsd or something, and are very unfriendly. He can't reach in the cage or put his finger too near the cage without them biting (he uses gloves to feed them). He has limited time to care for them, and just isn't a pet person. He has built them an awesome cage, however, and wants them to have a good home.

We are moving cross country soon, and wanted to find the rats a good home before leaving, with someone who has rat experience and can give these poor girls proper treatment. However, we now have circumstances where the rats have to be gone by Thursday night. I can't move them to my apartment; we are trying to find someone who has rat experience who is willing to deal with non-socialized rats, and who lives near Philadelphia and can take them ASAP.

If you or anyone you know can help, please let me know. We want them to go somewhere nice and safe, not to a snake owner in disguise.

Thanks for reading.