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10-10-04, 04:57 pm
when washing piggy things that have poop and pee in them, is it ok to throw them in with other clothes?

10-10-04, 04:58 pm
aaaaaaaaaaaah! i posted in the wrong place. i wanted to post in bedding and hay, but, gosh i dont know how i got here. can we move this somehow to avoid confusion?

10-11-04, 05:34 am

I always wash their things separately. I guess since it all gets washed, it may not make that much difference, but I don't really like the idea of washing animal stuff with our clothes. If you have pigs who accidentally wee on you, you'd wash those with your other clothes and be happy they were clean though, so I guess it's just down to your personal choice!

10-11-04, 12:45 pm
I don't know... I don't like the idea of having the pigs clothes in with ours. IF you don't mind putting the washing machine twice, then I would wash seperately

10-11-04, 01:31 pm
I would personally never wash the fleece/towels, bed, cozies etc in with any of my clothes. Ever lol! I usually try to wash the pigg stuff at a laundry matt (only because other members in my household don't want me to wash them in our washing machine) and then dry the stuff in our dryer. I always wash seperately when I get the chance to actually use my own washer at home lol. I guess it depends really on what your parents want to do seeing as they own the washing machine and dryer lol!

10-11-04, 02:43 pm
When I did use towels I used to wash them by hand. Nobody would let me use the washing machine either!

10-11-04, 03:30 pm
When I did use towels I used to wash them by hand. Nobody would let me use the washing machine either!Ya when I would use the washer I would have to sneak around and do it. Like when no one was home or they were sleeping. And most of the time I didn't get away with it. For a while I was washing them outside by hand and letting them dry in the sun, but they noticed that too and got mad lol. Something like "Don't wash those dirty towels and blankets in or near this house" "Go to the laundry matt" "That is so gross" lol they are so weird. I only use towels or fleece once in a while now because a wash and dry at the laundry matt is $1.75 and I don't have enough moola to spend 1.75 every 3-7 days. Sometimes I would make weekly trips to the laundry matt, but in the mean time the bag that I kept the dirty fleece and towels in got smelly =( and everyone was mad again lol! So I had to start going every three days or so. It just didn't work out lol.
Loves2travel I hope you have more luck!

I am much happier now that I just stick to regular bedding which lasts 3 weeks, with 2 spot cleans a day, sometimes more!

10-11-04, 04:22 pm

thanks, Treen!

10-11-04, 04:24 pm
ok, ill do seperate runs for the pigs then!

10-13-04, 10:04 am
I would never wash piggies things with our clothing or blankets thats pretty gross. I wash their things seperately and I do trips at the laundry mat too. But my mom now allows me to do all of our laundry at their place and we have been for about a month now and it is so much easier, cleaner, and cheaper.

10-13-04, 10:55 am
Thats the reason why I stopped using towels. Nobody really let me wash them and if I washed them by hand they would still look dirty.

10-13-04, 05:12 pm
well my parents are really ok with me using the washer and dryer, so its all good!

10-13-04, 06:42 pm
I would wash it all together. I don't seperate out stuff the kids puke on or when my boys miss the comode and I clean it up. If I can't trust my washer to actually clean things, what is the point? ;) Shake it off really well and go for it.

10-13-04, 06:59 pm
really? ok! thanks! this is what i thought i would do! when moms use cloth diapers, they wash it with the rest of their clothes, right (and thats even more disgusting)? okee dokee! here i go! into the washing machine goes fleece and clothes!

10-13-04, 07:19 pm
I agree with loves2travel. thats pretty discussing. When my sister had her kids and if they made a mess in their clothing when they are sick she washes them separately.

10-13-04, 07:22 pm
As a cloth diapering mom, yep. I washed everything together with no problems. Now, if there was a serious issue with someone's gastro-intestinal system...I would wash it seperate.

Now, I do wash the dog blankets seperate but it is a fur issue. Their short black fur gets into everything no matter how well I beat the blankets. I wash the pig cozies, hammocks and beds with our stuff.

10-13-04, 07:39 pm
noveil, ill most probably be taking your route.

10-20-04, 10:32 pm
I have long haired silkies and they get hair everywhere. Thats the main reason my mom doesnt let me wash the towels with everything else. If you shake all the junk off and then wash it its the same clean as all your other clothes.