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10-09-04, 09:03 am
I was wondering if anyone else who lives in Belgium knows where I can buy the materials needed to make a C&C cage?

I just got my little Phoebe yesterday & want to give her enough room to grow & play in. :)

03-29-05, 01:27 am
i know i dont live in belgium i live way far, what about warehouses they uselly have wiring and wood, very useful and not to exspencive. dont get treated pine though because it will make your guin very sick.

03-29-05, 03:07 am
Hey coolman! :)

No worries, I was able find supplies :) I'm going to upgrade my 2x3 to a 2x4 this week.

03-29-05, 04:52 am
so what cage are you going to make? i have made alot of cavy projects as you know i have a reputation for making standards c&c cages. so have you been on cavycompendium much? or are you a diferent person i am confused

03-29-05, 10:26 am
It's going to be a standard 2x4 C&C cage. If I were able to get a hold of some more cubes, I'd probably include a loft. At the moment, cubes are no longer being sold here though. So, I'll have to wait.

Yes, I'm also citronsoul on cavy compendium. I'm on a few forums, but I post the most on here & on CC.

Daisy Duke
05-23-05, 07:25 pm
Your new cage looks great!

04-24-09, 01:32 pm
Hi Citronsoul,

I adopted a guinea pig 2 weeks ago and I would like to make a C&C cage for her.
Could you please tell me where I can find the materials in Belgium?

Many thanks!

04-26-09, 09:42 am

Congratulations on your new addition!

I got my materials from Blokker. Not all stores sell them, although most do use the cubes to display material. The cubes I used for my first C&C cage actually weren't on sale, but were cubes that the store could spare. A few years later I managed to find a Blokker that was also selling them (in Wijnegem shopping center).

The coroplast came from a sign store. It's not known as coroplast in Belgium though, so try asking for "vikuprop" or "duoprop" instead.

I had laugh when I saw this thread. Phoebe will be turning 5 this year, and since my original post she's grown to be biggest & chubbiest guinea pig of the herd. I haven't referred to her as "little" in a really, really long time.

05-02-09, 06:13 am
Hi Citronsoul,

Thanks for your answer!
I already found the grids at Blokker! :)