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04-23-07, 08:56 pm
My daughter in law just found out my grandson is highly allergic to my granddaughters rabbit. Soso is a year old and is nuetered. My 2 rabbits are male and female, the female is spayed. Would my male fight with SoSo just because he is a boy? Can I introduce Soso to my 2 without a problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

04-24-07, 09:09 am
It really depends on the individual rabbits and their personalities. I know two people who have trios with two boys and one girl, and several boy pairs. No two (or more) rabbits are ever guaranteed to bond, regardless of gender.

Do keep in mind that sometimes existing pairs of rabbits will fight when another rabbit is introduced. This doesn't happen all the time, for example I'm working on bonding a boy to my pair of sisters and they haven't had problems. But it is something to be aware of.

I recommend reading up on bonding techniques and then doing a trial run to see if it's possible. This is my favorite site, but there are a lot more out there with different advice:
Bonding Bunnies (http://www.mybunnies.com/bonding.htm)

05-02-07, 11:22 pm
Just an update. I did not end of taking my grand daughters rabbit. She wanted the rabbit to go to a little girl who would love him as much as she did. One of her classmates took the rabbit. SoSo went to a marvelous home and all ended well.