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10-09-04, 12:03 am
Hello All. I use CareFresh bedding for my guinea pigs, chinchillas, and hamsters. I go through about 7 50-liter bags a week. Does anyone know where I can buy it in bulk or at a discount? I'm currently getting it from Nibble Nest (www.nibblenest.com (http://www.nibblenest.com)) for $12.50/bag, but the shipping and handling almost makes it as expensive as buying it in the pet store. If anyone has any ideas I would certainly appreciate them. Thanks!

10-09-04, 05:41 am
I would really recommend buying Carefresh in bulk from the actual company that makes it, it is much cheaper, and the price includes shipping, so it is not that bad of a price at all, I think it is a great deal if you are looking to buy it in bulk.

You can buy it in bulk from http://www.carefresh.ca, they have very reasonable prices and it is direct from the manufacturer so you can't go wrong. The bags there are 18.99, so more than you are paying, but it includes shipping and shipping is practically free at that higher price, the shipping never goes up. You have to buy a minimum of 4 bags, so say you bought 7 bags at 18.99 a piece, that is $132.93, but on that website they list it as only being $75.96, so I don't know, but it still seems like you would be saving some money, especially at the $75.96 price.

Hope I helped!

10-09-04, 11:41 am
?? How in the world can CareFresh cost more from the distributors themselves than in Petsmart? That's ridiculous! I thought maybe it was in Canadian dollars since the site is a .ca address, but it looks like they sell it out of Washington. I'm really surprised.

10-09-04, 07:04 pm
That's definitely more expensive!

10-09-04, 07:06 pm
I'll have to look into that website, but MetallichicA is right - it is cheaper at Petsmart than from the distributor. And at Nibble Nest, I can by 7, 50-Liter bags for around $100-$110 dollars. I'm looking for a place that sells it cheaper than $12.50 per bag.

10-12-04, 10:22 am
I don't really think you can "obtain" carefresh "cheaply", It just isn't cheap at all lol. Maybe you could find some place that sells carefresh or a like a generic (sorry thinking about medicine right now) brand of bedding that they sell in bulk. I can get carefresh 50L for $13.99 a bag. But I don't use carefresh too expensive.

10-12-04, 12:26 pm
Ok I found this link, I have no idea if the offer is still availiable but it says if you order 5 or more carefresh bags they are $10.19 each

10-12-04, 04:28 pm
LOL. i would say......dont even try. it just plain isnt CHEAP!

LOL. try wood shavings from a local feedstore, or possible fleece/towels.

10-12-04, 04:33 pm
LOL. i would say......dont even try. it just plain isnt CHEAP!

LOL. try wood shavings from a local feedstore, or possible fleece/towels.

Yep I agree with loves2travel!

10-12-04, 08:40 pm
Grrr... that link isn't too great. Maybe for carefresh, but otherwise, don't look.

10-17-04, 06:00 pm
I have 3 wee little piggies who all live in Carefresh, so I go through 1 50L bag in 3 weeks, which may not seem like a lot, but seeing as I'm still in college and working to take care of my piggies, it's a lot, lol! They're worth every penny :)

I've noticed that Petco seems to have the best deals for Carefresh bedding when it's on sale. Every so often, they'll have a buy 1 10L bag, get 1 free.. but as of NOW, they have their 50L bag on sale for 12.99 not including tax. I have looked high and low for Petco online codes save more money and it turns out their code for first-time customers to save 20% off their first order is the best deal. If you apply the code, it basically covers all of shipping so you really do end up paying only 12.99 PER BAG. This definately beats the in-store prices of $18-$20 per bag. I worked out the math and found that purchasing 6 bags is the most optimal savings price. I paid $79.91 for 6 bags which ends up being $13.31 each (the sales tax bumped it up a lil). It seems like when you buy over 6, you end up paying a bit more per bag.. it's not much, but I'm frugal since I'm in college :)

So I just used my boyfriend's email and set up another account to purchase another 6 bags! As long as you use a different e-mail address, they still consider it a new account and you can apply the new customer 20% off code still regardless of whether or not you use the same credit card to charge it to. I ordered it on a Sunday night and had it by Tuesday afternoon. They are VERY fast compared to petsmart.com's shipping.

However, the deal supposedly ends tomorrow on Oct. 18th, so if you are interested, I'd get a jump on it!! And the coupon code is: firstm1zy4

Good luck! My supply should take me into next summer HOPEFULLY since I bought 4 bags from from their actual store at 14.99 and then 12 more online at 12.99 :) They should have another Carefresh sale before then anyways

10-17-04, 06:30 pm
Warning about petco. I would not put any penny to them anymore. They are animal cruelty. Check this site out. www.petcocruelty.com (http://www.petcocruelty.com). Once you read everything on that site you'll be very sad and angry.

10-17-04, 06:39 pm
ive read that site many times, and every time im increasingly angry. especially about that one quote.

"Here at petco, the animals do not matter, money DOES"

10-17-04, 06:58 pm
Thank you so much for letting me know of that site. I cannot believe the treatment of these poor defenseless creatures. Seeing those pictures of sick animals and those struggling to save their lives brought tears to my eyes. And to think that my little piggies came from there, too. I'm upset that I gave Petco my money, but at the same time, I'm glad that my piggies no longer have to suffer being there any. They deserve no more of my hard-earned money at the expense of poor animals' lives.

10-17-04, 07:36 pm
Hey I would have done the samething by buying the piggies before they get sick or worst. But getting supplies go somewhere else. Like Petsmart or a site to order from.

10-17-04, 07:37 pm
Petco is increasly expensive for thier piggies. When I went there they wanted 30 bucks for one same with Petsmart too.

10-17-04, 08:26 pm
Yeah, I got both of my piggies there.. but they forgot to charge me for the other pig because I was so busy yapping with the cashier about adopting another pig that somebody had dropped off cage and all on their counter. So that night, I ended up paying for only 1 pig, but taking 3 home (including the free pig and one i adopted :))

10-17-04, 09:31 pm
Hey thats a good deal. you got lucky with free piggie.

10-20-04, 11:12 pm
I got my first pig Salem at Petco. Sometimes my Petco has small animals that they claim are for a rescue group. Salem was about six or seven at the time so he already needed special care just for his age. Now remember, I was completly clueless about gps. I just fell in love the first time I saw him. He was extremly friendly and not skittish at all. Well any way he was almost bald from mites. He had bumbble foot frome being kept on a cage with a wire bottom. I paid 15$ for him. Luckily my Mom's friend is a vet tech so she took him to work with her and now he is a happy, healthy, nuetered pig who lives with two beautiful girls. His bumblefoot still comes back occasionaly and Ive had problems with his teeth but I love him so much.I just want to warn potential pig people about Petco, Salem's healthy now but it cost a lot of money to get him there.

10-22-04, 04:35 pm
I can't believe you guys still don't see the whole picture about pet stores. Petsmart is JUST AS BAD IF NOT WORSE than petco!!!!!!!!! Any store that sells animals is going to be the same. It's just that some of them get away with their crap because they don't have peta up their butts!!! The truth of the matter is that all stores will have something wrong with it no matter what because no one on this earth is perfect. I wanted to read about bedding, not another petstore bash. I'm trying not to be angry here, but every time someone says petsmart is good and petco sucks...it angers me. And I'm sorry, but no one but peta would ever say that animals don't matter only money does or whatever becuase they would be fired in a heart beat. Call animal control in your area and ask to see the reports from your local petstores and see who really is better. I guarentee that it'll always be petco. And is peta would get off of petco and look at places like walmart and other places that no one gives a crap about because it doesn't give them publicity then they might see the whole picture.

10-23-04, 07:28 pm
ccm, calm down. We aren't trying to attack you or anyone else. We have discussed this many times in the past. No chain is better or worse. Some may be better in certain areas, some are not. It all depends on the local management.

10-23-04, 07:29 pm
Sorry if I sounded harsh, it's just that not all pet stores are great, and I know you agree. Thanks for your comments though!