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10-08-04, 10:56 pm
I have 6 guinea pig babies for adoption. I have 2 males who were born on 08/03/04. They are both a brown and orange mixture; one has long hair, the other has short hair. The other 4 were born on 09/01/04; 3 are male and 1 is female. The female and 1 male are short-haired and tri-colored with black, white, and yellow fur. One of the other males is long-haired and bi-colored brown and white. The fourth male is short-haired and tri-colored orange-ish brown, black, and white. I would prefer to adopt them in pairs or to someone who already owns 1 guinea pig. I will not adopt them to anyone owning reptiles that eat rodents, just for safety's sake. I will adopt them as pick-up only - no shipping. They are all very sweet pigs, who would make very good pets.

My Baby Mu
10-09-04, 10:54 am
Would you be willing to drive to a persons house?

10-09-04, 06:38 pm
I live in the Dallas area. I might be willing to drive to a person's house if it is within a reasonable distance (within the city).

10-09-04, 06:51 pm
Just to point this out-- how did you have babies? Accident? If not, see www.cavyspirit.com/breeding.htm (http://www.cavyspirit.com/breeding.htm)

Also, no shipping, lol, of course! =)

10-09-04, 08:53 pm
We actually adopted a pig that was already pregnant. After she had her babies, we had them sexed by a veterinarian. Unfortunately, our regular vet was out, so one of his fill-in's did the sexing, and made a mistake, which is how we ended up with the second litter. I have now found homes for the 2 males born on 08/03/04. But I still have the 4 born on 09/01/04 - the female most likely has a home, though.

I am well aware of the animal population problem. I am an animal rights' activist - we try to do everything we can to help animals, from not eating meat, to not wearing leather, to buying only animal-friendly products, and advocating for spaying/neutering.

You'd be surprised how many people have asked me if I'd ship the babies to them. I think some people are pretty much nut jobs. :)

My Baby Mu
10-09-04, 09:02 pm
I didn't mean shipping. Like if you drive to a persons house. I have 1 male piggy.

How did you get a animal rights activist? Did you like sign up or register or something? I am a vegitarian and don't wear leather and spay/neuter all of my animals except for fish and my guinea pig. I think I buy all animal friendly products kinda forgot.

Also do you have any recepies for a meal. Of corse no meat. If you do PM or email em please. What do you do for the needed amount of proten

10-09-04, 09:03 pm
Also, I am willing to keep all of the babies if we do not find homes for them. I love them all and so does my husband. It will be difficult to keep them all, given our limited space, but we will find a way, if necessary.

My Baby Mu
10-09-04, 09:03 pm
What let me refrase my top sentence in the post before that. People who ship are rude to animals. The second sentence doesn't need to be there.

10-09-04, 09:09 pm
If the person lives within a reasonable distance, like within the city of Dallas, I would be willing to take the pig to them.

I am a member of PETA (www.peta.org (http://www.peta.org/)) and FARM (farm animals reform movement). I am also a member of HSUS. I belong to a myriad of rescue groups, like Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. But you don't have to belong to any group or register with any organization to be an animal rights' activist. What distinguishes an animal rights' activist from someone who just cares about animals is the "active" part. People who actively advocate for the rights and welfare of animals, whether that is through responsible food/clothing/product choices or through voting for animal friendly legislation or just simply by counseling friends and families on the benefits on spaying/neutering, are animal rights' activists. It sounds like you already are one - good for you. :)

If you want menus and receipe suggestions, I think you ought to check out PETA's website - www.peta.org (http://www.peta.org/) . There is a whole section devoted to vegetarianism, which can help you a lot better than I can. :)

My Baby Mu
10-09-04, 09:11 pm
Thanks. I live outside the city of Dallas. I'll check how far it is. Thanks for the information.

My Baby Mu
10-09-04, 09:22 pm
It was 183.19 miles from Dallas to where I live and 3 hours and 50 minutes. I think it is less then that because I did a search once on the same website to a friends town and it said it was 49 minutes but my friend said it was 10-15. But these are from the middle of the cities.

10-10-04, 01:24 pm
Ok, thanks for clearing that up. You wouldn't believe the number of people I've seen who are breeders... ugh. Thanks also for sticking up for the animals! I have been thinking about becoming a vegetarian, but I just don't think it will work out for me. I'm a runner and I need TONS of protein, so that would be a problem. I'm glad you are one though! I also don't buy any animal products if I can help it.

10-10-04, 01:29 pm
way to go with your cause! good luck finding the babies homes!