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04-08-07, 07:38 pm
I have a cage for my pigs that is 4X4 on the bottom and 4X4 on the top. I use fleece bedding and it is really easy to clean the top level but when it comes to the lower level... I chicken out. I have to block the piggies of inthe top level so I can lift up the entire cage to pull the coroplast out. Then I clean it up. It is really difficult and my mom won't help me because I said I would do all of the cleaning. Little did I know that this wonderful cage that my piggies love would be so TERRIBLE to clean! Does anybody have any suggestions on how to change the cage so it is easier to clean. It is very frustrating as it is! Thank you SO MUCH!!

04-08-07, 08:20 pm
is there any way I could change the setup easily without having to take the entire cage apart? I really need to figure this out before I hurt my back lifting the dang cage up!:confused: Once again, thank you if you can help! Another way I am thinking is if I just changed the doors. does anyone know of how I could change the doors to make it easier to clean? Please help! At this point I am really desperate!

04-09-07, 09:19 am
Does your lower level have a grid bottom or just sides? I have an idea for you but I need a better idea of how your cage is put together. Is there any way you can post some pictures?

04-09-07, 09:50 am
Pictures would be helpful! Though I wonder if you could make a hinged gate at the front of the bottom level, using cable ties at the corner grids, tieing the two middle grids to each hinged grid, thus making a gateway which would open to allow you to pull out the base level tray. Alternatively, you could raise the whole second level by a grids height all the way around, to give you more space for cleaning out, a few folk here have done this with their cages: http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/6571/cat/500/ppuser/5545

If all else fails, you could reduce the width of the upper level. I understand your piggies love their cage (how many do you have by the way?), and I don't blame them - it sounds fantastic! But if the cleaning out is really too hard, maybe a 2 x 4 on the top would be easier? Or perhaps a U shaped upper level - or a U shaped cage altogether?

04-09-07, 02:41 pm
I use a bucket and a small glad plastic bowl to clean my cage. I scoop up the litter in the bowl and pour it in the bucket. When the bucket is full I dump it in a garbage bag. After all the litter is out I roll up the newspapers and put them in the bag. This way is much easier on my back. I hope this helps.

04-09-07, 06:59 pm
I have two pigs and I will try to get some pictures of the cage on as soon as possible!

04-09-07, 07:49 pm
OK here are some pictures of the cage! I don't know if this will work though.




04-09-07, 08:01 pm
I see. I would probably try to make the two center grids on the bottom level doors. And then cut slots on each side of the coro to make a flap that can be folded down, giving you extra room.

04-09-07, 08:33 pm
I do have a door there and a flap in the coro but I have problems reaching the back of the cage. I have decided to make the upper level a 2 by 2 loft though. I really hate having to take so much room off however. Hmm, I will have to think about that some more.:confused::rolleyes:

04-10-07, 02:47 am
Aha - the photos do help - your cage is a 2 x 4!

Reducing the top level to a 1 x 4 will help loads with cleaning out - and you'll have extra grids to play with - yu could extend the bottom - 3 x 4, or 2 x 5?? Either way, it is still a great sized cage for two pigs!

04-10-07, 03:39 am
I have almost the same cage as yours and I have no problems cleaning it! It's a two leveled 2x4:

The two cubes in the centre lift up and then I can clean out the bottom! I wouldn't have a cage like that on the floor because you will have to lay on your front to get in it! But as mine is up off the floor I can just reach in very easily.

04-10-07, 11:53 am
I roll up the fleece and slide it in to a large garbage bag to shake off the poop.

04-10-07, 03:26 pm
Whoa! Sorry, that was a dumb typo. It is a 2X4 cage. Thank you for the help. I really like the idea of the two center cubes lifting up. Thanks again!