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04-07-07, 11:14 am
I have an empty PG Tips tea box (coloured cardboard, no plastic) with a pig sized hole in one end. I think it would be fun for my boys to play with, but I was wondering if the remaining tea powder and smell would harm them? The cardboard smells of tea and my pigs love nothing more than a cardboard snack, so don't know. Can anyone help?
-Wasn't sure whether to put this here or in Accessories; sorry if it's in the wrong place.

04-07-07, 11:16 am
Well I would be worried if they inhailed the tea powder, you could shake it out or tap on it to get it all out? And as for the smell if you are worried you could just air it out and wave it around a bit.

04-07-07, 12:24 pm
I would shake and sweep out any residulal tea powder, giving it a really good airing, then make another hole in it - to make a tunnel - and give the pigs the box for a wee while to play in. I wouldn't leave it in overnight, because of the coloured card (as you have nibblers).

My girls love their cardboard boxes too - I tend to look out for uncoloured shiney ones (like tea bag boxes) though, just to be on the safe side. Lets see pics of them enjoying their new toy!

04-07-07, 12:48 pm
Hehe, okay I will go and sort it out for them now! I'll try and get a pic or two.

04-08-07, 10:04 am
I did what you said and put it in, but I don't think it's their favourite ever toy. Spike ran through it once that I saw, then I got distracted taking different photos of them. Also, forgot to take it out overnight, oopsie. Looks like they had a bit of a nibble but they didn't manage to devour it. I have one picture to prove Spike went in it! Excuse the really bad quality :o; I was fiddling round with the camera when I noticed him so it was an aim-and-snap one.


04-08-07, 11:51 am
Hoorah - a pic, as evidence, hehehe! Thanks for that :).

Shame it's not appreciated - after all your efforts! Not to worry - it cost you nothing!

Percy's Mom
04-08-07, 03:53 pm
At least it wasn't a toy that you spent a ton of money on. You never know though, if you put it out periodically for floor time, they will probably still use it.

04-12-07, 11:57 am
I left it in the cage and they use it a bit more now :)
PS. I moved the photo in Photobucket so the link is broken...sorry!

04-12-07, 12:30 pm
Glad they are putting all your hard work and effort to good use now!

I can still see your photo!