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04-06-07, 05:02 am
We finally did it! We made our pigs a permanent cage out of wood and meshing!

Cage specs: Well the cage is about the size of a 2x7, the exact measurements from the inside are 86x210cm, Converting to inches it's about 34"x83" (this is about a 2x7 right?) for my 3 (hopefully 4) pigs. The cage is mostly made with wood and meshing. The bottom is lined with a plastic sticky foil to stop any pee from getting to the wood and easy cleaning. For floor time we can remove the entire top part, the meshing part.. from the bottom part which is put together like a bit of a puzzle piece. This makes a great playpen for floor time (While I can easily clean up the cage!). The cage isn't yet 100% done it needs some small fine tuning and we still need to put it against the wall where currently a piano is standing (As you will see in the pictures). All together the costs of material was about 80 Euro which is about 107 U.S dollars and 54 pound (Including extra wood and meshing we bought too much of, Excluding costs of appliances and tools). Time needed for building this cage was about 4 days by mostly 1 person. The materials we're mostly bought at a construction store or DIY-store whatever you guys call it!

I took these pictures today, I meant to make a video but I haven't put it together yet! Still have to buy the right size Fleece!




Let me know what you guys think!

04-06-07, 06:05 am
Wow, that's great! Looks like lots of fun for your piggies, and it didn't seem to expensive to build, so good all round. I love those little houses too.

04-06-07, 06:55 am

04-06-07, 07:26 am
Nice cage Fay! Oooh I love the cute little houses!

04-06-07, 08:04 am
Ye the little houses are so cute! It makes me feel like it's a little guinea pig town. The funny thing is despite it being for 1 pig at the time. They sometimes try to go in with the two of them all squished together haha it's so cute!