View Full Version : Building a table for cage?

04-05-07, 06:55 pm
I'd like to build a table so I can simply lift the cage off. It will have a lip on it so it can't slide off so don't worry. What I am worried about is what sort of wood I should make it out of and if it's Ok to paint it. I don't want to offend their cute sniffy noses.

04-05-07, 07:04 pm
I would think that if you do paint the wood, let it dry/air out for a good while to make sure all the fumes are gone. Not sure how long that would be, I haven't done much with wood before.

04-05-07, 10:46 pm
Are you wanting to make the wood table also serve as the floor to your cage?
If so, this isn't a very good idea. Wood will be hard to clean, will absorb urine and odors. I don't know of any paint that would be safe in case the pigs ingested any of it. It is much easier, safer, and sanitary to use coroplast or linoleum. Both of these can withstand the urine moisture, and can be wiped clean. CC Cages can easily be made with "doors" so that you have access to clean--you can even make one whole end or side with grid doors so that the coroplast tray could be slid out for cleaning.

04-05-07, 10:58 pm
Dont use wood for the flooring! Use a corosplast tray and set it on top of the table. I think your idea is great otherwise. I would purchase paint made for kids rooms and furniture (available anywhere paint is sold) and let it air out thoroughly before bringing it inside.

04-06-07, 06:54 am
No no! Cloroplast flooring. Sorry for the confusion. I don't have a lot of space for sliding, so lifting it off is more user friendly for my space. Piggies reside in the living room and are the center of attention! :)

04-06-07, 07:42 am
Excellent idea then. Please post pics when done!

04-06-07, 12:48 pm
Whew, good news :) As far as paint odor, just use your own nose. If it is strong and overpowering to you, it will be for the pigs. You should be able to use any paint that you want as long as the item is dried and aired out good--since the pigs aren't going to be in direct contact with the wood/paint.

If you are limited on space, you don't have to make your cage so that the tray is removed to be cleaned. Most of us don't ever remove the tray at all. My cage is pretty massive ( http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/6571/cat/500/ppuser/5545 ) so there is no way I would pull the liners out weekly for cleaning :melodrama I use a dust pan to scoop out the bedding into a garbage bag, and then a small hand held broom to sweep up the extra. Wipe clean with paper towels and vinegar and pour new bedding in. Very easy and takes me 1/2 hour to clean both cages.