View Full Version : CuddlECup eating?

03-31-07, 06:33 pm
Hello, today I bought a CuddlECup and when I put it in the piggies cage my one pig started eating it! She wont stop eating it, everytime I put it in she goes straight for it and eats the fluffy inner part. At first I thought maybe she wants a snack, so I went to the kitchen and got some bellpepper, and afterwords she still kept eating it! I don't know where or not to leave it in there.. will it hurt her? Should I leave it in for maybe an hour or so and see if she's still at it?
Help is greatly appreciated. I love these CuddlECup things, and I know my other pig does as well..
Thanks alot.

03-31-07, 10:14 pm
Remove it if they are eating it as it could cause intestinal blockage from the polyfil (fluffy inner part).