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10-02-04, 04:07 am
i know that regular pine bedding is terrible to use and i was just wondering if kiln dried pine is really that much safer. i have read in several places that even kiln dried pine can be dangerous because it still has the dangerous phenols (sp) but i just wanted to know what everyone else thinks from experience.

i currently use aspen, fleece, and carefresh, but was thinking about switchin to kiln dried pine because it is much cheaper than aspen. any help or info would be good.

thanks in advance

10-02-04, 06:29 am
i think it would be ok.. but i am not sure.
i use shredded paper cuz its completely free but it does get quite messy sometimes.. ^^

10-02-04, 08:12 am
In pet stores and things I have seen that aspen is sometimes cheaper than pine and cedar, I don't know about kiln dried pine though.

Kiln Dried Pine is supposedly better than regular pine, the difference is that regular pine is air dried, and the oils and phenols are still in it. However, Kiln Dried Pine is dried in a kiln, or an oven, so most of the oils and phenols are supposedly gone. However, I wouldn't trust it, as I just hate pine and cedar period. But it's your choice.

10-02-04, 11:42 am
but i just wanted to know what everyone else thinks from experience. I use kiln dried pine that I get from a farm supply place. I get a bag that is 3 cubic feet (compressed..expands to 7.5 when fluffed) for $3.50

I have stuck my face an inch away from this bedding and there is no pine smell to it. It does smell like wood, general wood smell, but no pine smell. Even when wet, it doesn't smell like pine.

I really like this stuff, it is low dust and much fluffier than similar stuff I got from TSC. I found the stuff I use now at Rural King, found in IN, IL, KY, TN and OH only.

10-07-04, 02:41 am
anyone else?

10-07-04, 06:06 am
I use kiln-dried pine under hay. The stuff I get is made from lovely big flakes and has no smell to it. As long as you can't smell it (it's the phenols that release the piney smell) and it isn't dusty, I think it's a good bedding choice. But I've seen kiln-dried pine that is awful (dusty and very strong smelling) so you just have to go on what your individual supplier provides, rather than what the packet calls it.

10-07-04, 04:41 pm
I use regular pine but air it out for two weeks or more before I use it, and I make sure I can't smell before I put it in my piggies cages. 10 cu ft for $6.95 great price I think....

11-09-04, 02:34 am
because i thought all pine type was bad but then i read that kiln-dried is okay. so it should be okay?

11-09-04, 06:40 am
Yes, but don't just trust what it says on the bag. If it smells of pine then you need to give it a good airing before use, even if it says it's kiln dried.

11-09-04, 11:11 am
I use shredded paper right now too.

11-09-04, 05:23 pm
I agree. I looked at a bag of "kiln-dried" pine, and is really reeked. I decided quickly not to use it, because I would need to air-dry it, and I needed more then and there. Shredded paper doesn't absorb very well, but it's not unsafe.