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03-27-07, 03:14 pm
Yesterday we lost our Pinky.

And I'm so so sorry. We did everything we could, even exploratory surgery as a last option, but she stopped breathing shortly after waking up from surgery.
Her entire stomach was filled with liquid, the gut was blocked and she wouldn't have lasted long without the surgery either, the stomach was so stretched the vet said he could see through it. But still it feels like we let her down.

We took her home afterwards and I snuggled her for the last time before putting her on a blanket and finding a nice box for her, where we put her favorite treats and then drove out to Love's parents' cabin where we buried her so that we can always come back to her.

I still can't believe it happened so quickly. It feels like I'll never be happy again and I don't want to realize she's gone. And our three other piggies are also so unusally quiet. It's so wrong there's only three there in the cage...

03-27-07, 03:17 pm
I know how hard it is. I'm so sorry for your loss.:tombstonePinky:love:

03-27-07, 07:03 pm
I'm so sorry for your loss....I know exactly how you feel because we lost our Ginger on Sunday. She had been sick for almost 6 months. It sounds like you did everything you could for her...I'm sure Pinky and Ginger are up in guinea pig heaven...no longer suffering and at peace...

03-28-07, 12:14 pm
I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sure you did everything for Pinky. Just think what a good time she will be having in piggy heaven with all the other pigs. R.I.P

03-28-07, 01:57 pm
I'm so sorry you lost Pinky. Sounds like you did all you could and then some. May Pinky rest comfortably.

03-28-07, 02:33 pm
I feel so sorry hearing about little Pinky. It will be hard for some time to come - but you were a fabulous mum to her, and loved her dearly. She has been blessed to live with you and your other piggies. You did do everything you could for her - there was nothing more you could have done. Sending you best wishes.

RIP little Pinky.

03-28-07, 04:07 pm
Today I wrote about the ordeal on my blog, and I thought I'd share with you. It fills out the events a bit better and was sort of therapeutic to write.

Out of the blue, we lost one of our piggers on Monday.
On saturday evening Pinky was a bit quiet and on sunday it was apparent she didn't eat anything. So I phoned the vet and syringed her antibiotics (in case of an URI, which she had a month ago) and mashed pellets, and was told to see if it improved, which it also did for a while that evening. But the morning after she still hadn't eaten anything, so we took her to the vet. She got xrayed and the vet saw what he thought to be gas (a massive amount of it) and gave Pinky some paraffine and fiber paste to make it better and sent us home with instructions to come back in if it got worse. It did... She started having spasms and we brought her right back in. He tubed her and used a needle to try to get the gas out, but could only get fluid out. He asked if he could perform exploratory surgery on her to see if he could find anything. We agreed, because she didn't seem to be able to make it without.
Turns out it wasn't gas. It was all fluid. The gut was completely blocked, and the stomach so stretched you could see through. If they hadn't opened her up, she would have died shortly after any way. Which meant no matter what we did, she wouldn't have made it. Amazingly she woke up after the surgery, but she stopped breathing half an hour later. The only thing we could have done, was to insist on getting to see the vet on Sunday, but then we didn't know what we were dealing with. And at the time I thought "that's a lot of money, we'll keep an eye on her and call them if she gets worse". Which she didn't, on sunday... And in the end we paid more than three times that amount of money anyway, and it is so not an issue of cash. We have an emergency buffer. Sure, we could have gotten a lot of new guinea pigs for that money, but it would never be our Pinkst.
Still I feel we didn't do enough. I blame myself for not recognizing important signs and for not making the link between the anorexia/lack of poop and pee/lethargy. But I'm not a vet! I can recognize URI's and UTI's and abcesses, but it still doesn't make me a vet. But I feel so guilty, like I let her down. And not to mention heartbroken. People who don't have pets will never understand how they become a part of your family. It's physical pain every time I walk by the cage and don't see the white fluffball which was Pinky. Seeing only three piggies run to the food... There is something missing. I can't seem to grasp that she's gone, that I won't snuggle her again, that I wasn't able to save her.
And I know there'll be a day when the other piggies will be gone, and I can't stop thinking of it.
It was, of course, very traumatic on monday. If Pinky had died of old age I guess there wouldn't be so many what-ifs, but it's still so raw and so painful. Part of me wants to yell at myself because the logic says she was just an animal, but she was so much more.

But I will always remember her as our little Pinkst. She had a moehawk and you had to pat her "backwards" because her fur grew like that. She was the only one who (so far) got into the hammock alone, and loved sleeping there. She would never stay still on your lap, there was too much to explore. I will miss her so much.

Thank you for your kind words and understanding. And camende, I'm so sorry for your loss. But we know they will always have a special place in our hearts. :love:

03-28-07, 04:29 pm
You should not feel bad. Miss her, and remember her, but do not feel bad. You did so much more to try and save her than many, many people would have done.

03-28-07, 07:48 pm
I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope the pain will slip away but the memories I kno will be held dear to you forever. RIP little one.

03-30-07, 07:42 pm
I'm sorry for your loss. You must have really tried to save her. But the best thing you can do for yourself (and your pigs) is to not feel sorry for her, but to be happy that she isn't suffering anymore. And cuddle your pigs even more for the next while, because they're probably feeling grief, too.

03-31-07, 09:05 pm
great advice!!...I noticed since we lost Ginger last week, her sister, Norbie has seemed down....She even lets me just reach in and pick her up, which is not like her at all....(don't worry...norbie is not alone....it's just that her and Ginger have been together since birth)..I'm sure everyone at work think I'm nuts to be so upset about a guinea pig....but they are members of the family...and there is a hole when they are not there anymore...