View Full Version : Please Help! Coroplast Problem/Questions.

03-26-07, 10:56 am
I've decided I'm going to buy coroplast for my guinea pigs pen and have it be their 24/7 cage(before I was renovating and needed it to collapse and put away when needed). My pen is 3x4 cubes, which means I need a sheet of coroplast that is 4.5x6 feet. I was going to get 2 4x8 foot sheets and either tape them together or (I forget what it's really called) sort of notch them together like they do with woodworking and things(I hope you know what I'm talking about).. Would that work? I'd use a few layers of paper, then Yesterday's News and then CareFresh.
Also.. I own a Blazer SUV, and I was wondering how flexible coroplast is? If I were to bring it home in that it would have to bend a bit.. maybe about an inch or two, and hang out the back window about a foot for the ride home.. which is only about 10 minutes. Also, my dad is buying a new pick-up truck next weekend.. if I have to I could wait until that time.
Anyway I really appreciate any thoughts on this that you have.. I feel lost with all of this and need some help.

Thank you so much, I really have no idea what I would do with out this forum. :cheerful:

03-26-07, 11:30 am
I managed to roll up mine (with the help of another person) and was able to fit my full sheet of coroplast in the back seat of a Pontiac Grand Am. Once we rolled it, we kept it in position with duct tape.


03-26-07, 12:18 pm
You can use duct tape and tape the ends together.