View Full Version : 1,000 Photos Milestone!

10-01-04, 03:36 pm
Many thanks to all the photo contributors.

We now have over 1,000 cage-related photos! Woohoo. There are a few I should probably remove, but overall, the caliber and content of the photos has been very good from everyone.

Thanks very much . . .

10-01-04, 05:02 pm
Wow that is awesome! I can't wait to add mine when I get my guinea pigs!

10-02-04, 10:16 am
Thats great news. Now piggy owners can get so many ideas for their cages!

10-02-04, 11:50 am
The photos are what convinced me more than anything to go with a C&C cage. I looked through what felt like 1000 of them before building my cage, to see what I liked. I took ideas from photos and then built my cages. Where else are you going to find a site that encourages people to build their own, telling them where to buy supplies rather than just trying to hawk their product? You do an awesome job here and if I ever make it back out to the Bay area to visit family, I would love to stop by and see all the piggies. (I am from the north bay area, up in wine country)

10-02-04, 12:05 pm
Well, anytime. Just let me know . . . Saturday afternoons are especially fun as it's cage cleaning and adoption and visiting day.

My Baby Mu
10-02-04, 06:04 pm
Wow 1,000 photos. Thats great.

10-02-04, 09:20 pm
1,000! whoopee!

10-03-04, 03:45 am
this shows that alot of people love their piggies..^^

10-03-04, 10:22 am
Yes, it does ice_on_fire.

On a side note, I need to ask you to either remove or change your avatar to a guinea pig-related avatar, as that is the policy of this board. Thanks much.

10-03-04, 10:42 am
yep, if it weren't for all these photos and testimonials, my two girls would have never gotten to enjoy a beautiful c&c cage.