View Full Version : goodbye sweet Ginger

03-25-07, 02:49 pm
This morning I woke up to find Ginger worse then usual. She has been having breathing problems on and off since November. She's been on antibiotic countless times since November...It broke my heart to see her stuggle so. Anyway, this morning I just knew she would not make it through the day. I scooped her up and kept her with me all morning...She crawled up to my shoulder and snuggled up to me...She passed peacefully. And, finally, she is no longer in any pain and is at peace....It's such a sad day here...

03-25-07, 06:03 pm
Oh my I'm so sorry to hear this. So sad. Well may your little girl rest in peace. Again I'm sorry for your loss.

03-25-07, 06:45 pm
I'm so sorry about Ginger.
It's so nice that she got to be with the person she loved most when she went to Heaven.

03-25-07, 06:47 pm
I'm so sorry. She spent her last moments feeling loved and she knew it was time to go. RIP Ginger

03-26-07, 10:57 am
We are all very sad. Ginger's cage mates, Sugar and Norbie, are just laying around too. When I call them, they come out and look at me like they are wondering when I am going to bring Ginger back. Ginger was our special needs guinea pig...She had such a gentle soul...We miss her very much...I'll probably look around in a week or two to see if there is another piggy in the area that we can adopt....I have a feeling that my fiance is not going to want to get attached to another piggy. Hopefully, I can talk him into it...

Pamela Barr
03-26-07, 01:50 pm
One of my girls is doing the same thing and it's respiratory cancer, my vet said a lot of guinea pigs get this.