View Full Version : Cockatiel in cubes above guinea pig cage?

03-23-07, 02:23 pm
Hey all, I'm a fairly new owner of cavies, so don't jump down my throat if this question is a bit out there.

I recently (as in, within the past week), built a nice big house out of cubes and coroplast for my two guinea pigs. I have only had my piggies since December, and yes I bought them at PetCo, and no I will never buy another animal from them again.

This is, however, not relevant, as my question is in regards to my cage.

I have a ten year old cockatiel who has lived her entire life in an incredibly small cage. I feel terrible about it. I bought her when I was very young (about 10), and she has not been given the space or attention she deserves in the past. I know this needs to change. I love animals, and I am trying incredibly hard to be informed. (As I'm typing this, I am removing the Yogies from my guinea pigs mouth because I have learned today that they are bad for them).

I want to know if I can build a third level onto my guinea pig's cage that will house my cockatiel. I plan to make the cage tall enough so that she has plenty of room to stretch her wings. I also plan to make sure there is no possibility of her poop getting into anything guinea pig related.

Would this change cause my guinea pigs any harm? I want my bird to enjoy the rest of her life in a space where she can feel happy and free.

03-23-07, 05:55 pm
You'd need to double up the grids, the max bar spacing a tiel should have is 3/4 inch. If you leave the grids like they are, you risk her getting her head stuck in them. Mesh grids are too risky because they can catch a toenail. If you double the grids and keep it meticulously clean, then it should be fine.

03-23-07, 06:27 pm
Well yes what fourbwavvys said, and also I was at first thinking about the dust. Cockatiels are very derty as you probably know, I personally wouldn't want cockatiel dust in the pig cages. Although I don't know if it would cause them any harm.

03-26-07, 09:45 pm
I wouldn't do it Cockatiels are not supposed to chew on certain metals which the cubes are made off this can harm the tiel. I would just try to look on ebay for a bigger inexpensive cage.