View Full Version : Chester And Riley

03-18-07, 12:09 pm
those are my 2 piggers I don't have too many pics of them on my computer the orange one is chester, and then the other on in the black and white pic is my Riley. Chester LOVES to jump, its crazy(once I had a 2 inch gap on the second floor and chester decides to not use the ramp and to just jump down it wasn't a accident, hes jumped out of his cage a lot i was always finding him on the floor (he favorite spot is under the cage) thankfully its only 1 foot off the ground but now I have to have rails for EVERYTHING. Riley is quite opposite and is very cautious and sweet. They are brothers and go them when they were very young. Chester and Ries are 3 years old. Yup thats my boys!

03-18-07, 12:37 pm
Welcome! Your boys are adorable!

03-18-07, 11:43 pm
Welcome - I love Aby's and I want another!

03-22-07, 05:14 pm
They look like my Peanut. She is the baddest smallest fiercest piggie of them all, queen of the rumblestrut. I am adopting a boyfriend (neutered of course) for her this weekend if she is nice to him. She cannot live with any other girl. Bet she could get into a lot of trouble with Chester.