View Full Version : Aspen bedding?

Cocoa Puff
09-28-04, 07:26 pm
Does anybody know how long 9 cubic feet of Aspen would last me compared to 50 liters of carefresh?

Cocoa Puff
10-01-04, 11:46 pm

10-02-04, 12:30 am
9 cubic feet == 255 liters. Therefore 9 cubic feet is a much larger quantity.

10-02-04, 07:12 am
It depends on the size of your cage and how thickly you spread your bedding and how often you clean your cage.

10-21-04, 02:07 pm
where in the world do you get 9cubic feet of aspen from! i wanna know!! lol

10-21-04, 02:08 pm
where do you get 9 cubic feet of bedding? the largest i could find was 4-5 from kaytee.

10-21-04, 02:28 pm
I got 9000 cu. in. of Aspen which is a little more than 5 cu. ft. from petfooddirect.com, they have it listed as 6/1500 cu. in. bags.

10-21-04, 02:35 pm
where in the world do you get 9cubic feet of aspen from! i wanna know!! lol
I get 10 (used to only be 7 but I started buying from a different place)compressed cubic feet of pine for $6.95 . (No it isn't kiln dried.) But i let it air out for 3-4 weeks, and I won't use it unless it just smells like normal wood.
I get mine from a feed store. Or I can get 8 compressed cubic feet of aspen from a friend for $10. Which I sometimes do and mix with my aired out pine. Also some horse stables have big bags of bedding that they get at wholesale prices and they will sell it to you for a pretty good price also. You could try that too.

Cocoa Puff
10-21-04, 05:59 pm
On the cavyspirit site look under the Shopping page. It's Dean's Feed and supply. Oh and by the way Teresa it's 10.95 for 8 cubic ft.